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The mysterious rock tortoise was immediately enraged, and the speed skyrocketed, the earth was constantly being stepped on and sinking, and a burst of earth and rock flew like raindrops. Although it was only stepped on and splashed out, the power was extremely terrifying. If it hits, let alone Ming Yuyan, even Shanghai will be severely injured.

A hand suddenly appeared.There is no terrifying power, and there is no monstrous aura, it looks like an ordinary person slowly stretched out his hand.See you!This hand became vigorous and powerful, and it plunged directly into the scrolling fire feathers, and was casting the violent force to the extreme fire feathers, and its power reached the highest level. Not to mention a hand, even Dao tools will be affected by it. When burned to fly ash, everyone can already predict the fate of this hand.However, the next scene overturned everyone\’s thoughts, the fire feather with its ultimate power was shot out, and the palm of the hand was also printed on Qing Yuyan\’s chest.Snapped!There was a loud noise.Immediately after the crackling sound of clicking, Qing Yuyan was shot and flew out, and the whole person slammed into the ground, smashing the ground out of a deep pit. After the smoke and dust faded, Qing Yuyan did not reappear. It fell to the ground like mud, his eyes widened with anger, his eyes were full of disbelief, and there was a strange fear.Lost…Qing Yuyan was defeated…The face of the children of the demon god clan changed instantly.The children on the side of Lingshen\’s line suddenly burst into excitement, especially the children who were suppressed by Qing Yuyan just now, when they saw the former falling to the ground like mud, they couldn\’t help but let out a big sigh.Myna, myna… I don\’t know who was the first to shout, and all the children present yelled one after another, all of a sudden.The faces of Yao Wuji and others are extremely ugly. Others don’t know Qing Yuyan’s ability, but they know that they are the top powerhouses in the second level. It\’s defeated.However, Shanghai defeated Qing Yuyan with a single palm, and it was the moment when he urged his power to the extreme.The Lingxuan Sword was surprised.The strength of the eighth brother… is even more unfathomable than yesterday…Lingxuan Sword\’s expression was quite weird, he was happy for Shanghai, but also a little bit disappointed, but he quickly sorted out his emotions.Hearing this, Ling Xuanhao and others were startled.Big brother, you mean, my eighth brother has been promoted again…

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