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Soon, he found it.

One to three…This has to be said, too arrogant.However, Xuanji is looking forward to Shanghai\’s shot more and more, because from the beginning to the end, the look of this son is still the same, not even frowning, thinking of the temptation in the main hall just now, my heart can\’t help but be surprised. Could it be that Shanghai has not yet been released try best?Thinking of this, Xuanji\’s eyes brightened.Haoer, what you did is too…The second elder hurriedly spoke to persuade. Originally, there was no big chance of winning against any of these three. Now Shanghai has to choose one to three. This is too much. Not only the second elder, but the other elders have also started to persuade.But Shanghai only said a word, and all the elders reluctantly put away their thoughts of persuasion, \”I do this, I have my own reason, you elders don\’t need to worry, if I go alone, maybe I have a lower chance of winning. If you are alone against three, the odds of winning will be even greater.\”Will the odds of winning be even greater if the three are alone?The second elders and others felt that they had misheard, and it was easier to deal with three people than one person? How can this be……But Shanghai has said so, and they are not good to say anything, so they waited with trepidation.With one enemy three, great courage, okay, I will fulfill you. Yao Wutian hurriedly said, setting Shanghai\’s request to death so as not to regret it.Let\’s get started, Shanghai said.Okay, start!As Yao Wutian\’s voice fell, the three iron towers and the one-eyed monster sword directly stepped into the enchantment, their expressions were rather cold, their eyes revealed a trace of killing intent, and a junior told them that they would be singled out. Three people, this is simply a slap on the spot.Therefore, Shanghai is doomed to death at this moment.Taking a deep breath, Shanghai stepped into the barrier under the eyes of everyone. At the moment of stepping into the barrier, a sound of determination resounded through the entire barrier, and the one-eyed monster knife burst into a crescent-like blade light. If it weren\’t for barrier resistance, I\’m afraid this blade of light would have already pierced the sky.Shot it!The one-eyed demon sword took the lead, and the speed reached one hundred and seventy times the boundary speed. In the realm of the holy master, it was already very fast. With a slash, the majesty of the world emerged and turned into a blood blade of the demon god. Coming horizontally.This is the eighth-rank lower-ranking magical skill of the Demon God Clan—the Demon God Blood Blade. Although the rank is not high, this set of magical skills is extremely powerful, even comparable to the eighth-rank middle-ranking magical skill. After the cultivation reaches the ultimate goal, it can be cut out with the majesty of the world, which is enough to crack the world.Shanghai was tight, and he felt the crisis of suffocation and the oppression of this majesty. This was the feeling that the gap between the two realms was too large, but this pressure was compared to the Xuanji he encountered in the main hall. Shots are nothing short of a big deal.

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