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For some reason, Ming Yuyan was suddenly infatuated with this feeling, and she did not want to let go.

Shanghai just threw it out, just to go to the City Lord’s Mansion to register…Confused, Ming Yuyan followed. After all, she only knew Shanghai here, and the scorching gaze cast by the cultivators in the different world around her made her a little uneasy.After the two entered the city, thirteen well-dressed young men and women appeared near the city gate.Brother Tu Jiu, that kid has entered the city of Shenlin… a young man said.I know… The headed man\’s face twitched a few times.If it wasn\’t for a little accident halfway, the speed of my waiting was delayed… Brother Long was also delayed. It will take three days to get here, what shall we do next? There are guardians in the city of Shenlin, we don\’t It may be done in the city…otherwise it will cause a lot of trouble. Another woman said.The city is really not suitable for hands-on, but the rules in the city of God\’s Lin are also available. The kid has just arrived, and he should not be clear about the rules in the city. Why don\’t I take advantage of this and catch him alive? On the ancestor\’s side, I will definitely be reused in the future… a young man said.In an instant!The eyes of the others couldn\’t help but shine, revealing a touch of joy.Well, yes, just do it. How long will it take you to make a plan first?It doesn\’t take too long, one hour is enough. The young man grinned, because no one knows the rules of Shenlincheng better than him, which was left to him by his father for the purpose of being there. The city can be more dependent.Chapter 0948 title of King ShuraIn the city of God, there is a simple atmosphere everywhere, and the size of the area is even more unimaginable. Every building is extremely old and vicissitudes, and their lines are all made of various ancient patterns. It contains an extremely strong defense.Ming Yuyan came to God Lin City for the first time, even if she had a wide range of knowledge, she was shocked by everything in the city, whether it was the architecture or the ancient atmosphere revealed by the various ancient patterns inside, they were all ancient gods. , Even the four-nation alliance can\’t compare.Shenlincheng was too big, and Ming Yuyan finally understood why Shanghai needed to find a guide. Without a guide, it would be impossible to find the destination.After a while!A huge building like an ancient castle appeared in the vision of the two of them, and around this ancient castle, there were incomparably dense patterns, each with a person\’s arm thickness, and the strength contained in these patterns was even more impressive. It\’s shocking.All the patterns formed an ancient enchantment, and Ming Yuyan could feel that this enchantment contained the terrifying power of defense and attack. Anyone who dared to invade would pay an extremely heavy price.There are people coming in and out of the castle from time to time. They are all black and silver-skinned members of the Xuan Clan. Each of them has an extremely powerful aura, some are relatively weaker, but Ming Yuyan sadly finds that the weakest one is better than She is a lot stronger.These people didn\’t seem to be surprised by the arrival of Shanghai and Ming Yuyan, instead they nodded lightly.

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