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Under long and thick eyelashes. Misty eyes finally opened and yawned. Jane Xi stayed in bed for a while, wrapped in a soft quilt. Rubbing her cheeks, Jane Xi seemed to return to the days when she went to middle school in J City on earth. It was only a moment, and then she smiled bitterly. Such days would never happen again. Here is the star of whirling hills. There are ancient Chinese customs, immortals, demons and demons. But there is no more relatively peaceful environment on earth. There are no high-rise buildings, planes, cars, computers, televisions, mobile phones and prestige. Sometimes Jane Xi feels that the past is like a dream, and sometimes she feels that the present day is in a dream.

Your luck is really notI know what to say… You can get things like this…\” Young Master Tun Xi looked rather strange.This is a palm-sized ancient stone with nine-color electric lights in it. It looks quite strange. Even Shanghai can’t tell what it is. He only feels that it is extremely extraordinary. The color electric light shoots out.呲…Shanghai quickly shook his hand, but it was still a step too late. Boom, the whole right arm was shattered on the spot, but the nine-color electric light did not dissipate, and quickly climbed up to his arm, enduring the severe pain, slashed and cut his right arm on the spot. Cut off, the broken arm was turned into fly ash on the spot.Ancient Demon Rebirth…A new right arm grew out, and Shanghai stared at the ancient stone with fear.Chapter 1077This ancient stone actually contains such terrible power. If it is not for the regeneration of the ancient demon itself, it can be reborn with a broken arm, and the rest of the cultivators will lose their right arm at the moment they touch this ancient stone. For the price.If you take a step slower, I\’m afraid it will be more than just the right arm.Senior, what is this thing? Shanghai frowned and asked.Nine-color Thunder God Stone. Young Master Tun Xi said.Nine-color Thunder God Stone?This is what the gods used to refine the Primordial Sacred Artifact. This is quite rare. If it can be refined into the Sacred Artifact, it will be able to make the Divine Artifact contain nine-color mysterious electricity. said Young Master Tun Xi.Nine-color Xuandian, the thing that just destroyed my right arm? Shanghai asked.That\’s right, but that\’s just the remaining power. The real nine-color mysterious electricity can kill a god in an instant… The most terrifying thing about this thing is not its power, but it is extremely harmful to the gods and can destroy the gods. Divine Soul, but it must be cultivated into a divine tool in order to exert the power of destroying the Divine Soul. Young Master Tun Xi said slowly.Can this thing kill the gods now? Shanghai couldn\’t help asking.No, Yu Wei is too weak, not to mention killing the gods, even if you want to hurt the gods. Young Master Tun Xi shook his head slightly.Into the artifact…Shanghai’s eyes flickered. For Master Huang Wen, it is not difficult to extract the materials into the finished product. Even a Master Huang Wen who is just getting started can do it. If it can be cultivated into the Evil God’s Spear, then He has the ability to kill the gods.

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