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Jane Xi had time to throw an imported pill. Although she didn\’t want to, her spiritual power was close to drying up. If she didn\’t take the pill, she wouldn\’t be able to hold on until she became a pill.

After resting cross-legged for the whole day, Shanghai\’s mind was restored to its best state, perhaps because of excessive consumption. At this moment, he is full of energy and in a higher state than before. This is a bit beyond his expectation, and he speculates in his heart. It\’s because I am too strong and I rarely experience major losses, but this time I replenish them after major losses, and they will naturally rise to the highest level.Such a state is quite rare. Shanghai decided to take advantage of this opportunity to absorb some reincarnation treasures first, and then come to absorb the high-grade god source.With this in mind, Shanghai took out all the treasures of reincarnation. There were a total of three hundred pieces. Some were like liquid, some were like fire, some were like electric light, and some were seemingly ordinary stones. Some are even broken pieces of artifacts. These treasures have various styles, the only thing in common is that they all exude a faint atmosphere of reincarnation.These are all natural reincarnation treasures formed by the heavens and the earth. Some are spiritual foreign objects born in the past, but were destroyed by accidents. They were finally plasticized by the heavens and the earth, condensing the reincarnation mood. If these treasures are allowed to survive for millions of years, They may give birth to spirituality and become rare reincarnation treasures… Shanghai Xindao.Millions of years are too long. No one will wait for these reincarnation treasures to grow up. Shanghai is no exception. He doesn\’t have the time to wait. The only way is to absorb them all.呲…Black and white double arcs emerged, and many bronze imprints emerged. The two were intertwined, glowing with earth-shattering power.Along with the reincarnation of the Second World Zun\’s Great Perfection, the three hundred treasures vibrated violently, and immediately rose into the air, surrounding two arcs, followed by strands of bronze color that curled out like smoke, lingering in a circle. Later, it was injected into the mood of reincarnation.Shanghai\’s eyes closed slightly, and there was a strange rhythm surging up and down all over his body. In an instant, he seemed to be integrated into the entire lone mountain, becoming one with this lone mountain, and suddenly a subtle feeling was born. , It was like following the appearance of Lonely Mountain, and then experienced countless years.Knowing the sea, the soul that has gone through four times of metamorphosis, aroused a special charm.Under the influence of this special charm, the integration of Shanghai and Gushan is more thorough. Watching Gushan increase year by year, because of accidents, it has been flattened continuously, and it has grown a little bit more…suddenly!The sense of fusion between Shanghai and Gushan suddenly broke off, and he immediately recovered. Only then did he discover that three hundred treasures had fallen to the ground, and the reincarnation mood had long since disappeared and turned into a pile of waste.Unfortunately, I was almost able to enter the level of the three worlds reincarnation artistic conception… Shanghai sighed. It is a pity that only talent is in the best state. If the three hundred reincarnation treasures can be maintained for a while, he will definitely be able to break through. , Stepped into the reincarnation of the three worlds.However, it was a pity that Shanghai only lasted for a while, because he had already touched the threshold of the reincarnation of the Third World Zun.The First Blessed One is the reincarnation of living beings, the Second Blessed One is the reincarnation of the heavens, and the Third Blessed One is the reincarnation of the earth, and Shanghai has touched the reincarnation of the earth, which is equivalent to breaking through the original threshold. As long as you go further, you can completely enter the Third Blessed One The level of reincarnation artistic conception.It seems that I have to find a way to get more reincarnation treasures in the future… Shanghai used reincarnation treasures for the first time, and I realized that the effects of these reincarnation treasures were much greater than what I had realized. Three hundred ordinary reincarnation treasures. , It made him touch the threshold of the reincarnation artistic conception of the Third World Zun. If he relied on his own comprehension, it would take him at least ten years.It\’s no wonder that many of the powerhouses in God\’s Domain have understood the mood of reincarnation, even if they don\’t fit the mood of reincarnation high enough, they can still be piled up with treasures.let\’s start.Shanghai put away his mind and poured out one hundred and three thousand high-grade gods. The 3,000 high-grade gods behind were collected from those storage bags, and there were many middle and low-grade gods. Yuan, but the effect is too weak, he didn\’t plan to use it.

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