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The moving carriage is very stable. It won\’t bump a little because of the uneven ground. However, there is no TV, kitchen and bathroom in this carriage, otherwise it can be comparable to an RV.

Upon seeing this, Shengmu couldn\’t sit still anymore, and immediately stood up and exclaimed: \”Divine Essence Crystal…\”Mu Wang has a lot of knowledge, it is indeed the magic crystal of Shenyuan. Tai Xun smiled slightly.Shanghai\’s complexion remained unchanged, but he took a deep breath of air in his heart. Regarding the Shenyuan Fajing, he naturally knew what it was. It was a rare sixth-grade treasure. These treasures have only one function, and that is to store the world. The purest energy.A thumb-sized one like this is enough for Shanghai to replenish a hundred times or so. If it is replaced by other cultivators, I am afraid that there will be no need to worry about power loss in the future. Although it is a sixth-grade treasure, it is worth six. Product above.I heard that Brother Lin has collected a large number of eight-rank restoration treasures. It is estimated that Brother Lin should need a lot of restoration treasures, so I brought these ten divine source magic crystals. Of course, if Brother Lin doesn\’t need it, I can let him People in exchange for some things Brother Lin needs. Tai Xun said slowly.Since Tai Xun Taoist Fellow is so straightforward, I am not hypocritical. Okay, the five ways are all sold to Tai Xun Taoist Fellow, and there are thousands of strong body lines. Shanghai said.Then thank Fellow Lin Daoist first.You\’re welcome.The two looked at each other and smiled.Speaking of it, Shanghai has made a profit, but it is not a loss if he is too unhappy. After all, he has a lot of demand for the strong body and the speed of the wild pattern. Compared with the ten magic crystals of the gods, what he needs is the strong body. And the speed of the wild pattern, so the two just take what they need.Daoyou Lin, come to chat again when you have time.Welcome. Shanghai arched his hands.Afterwards!Tai Xun took people away.Watching this group of people leave, Shanghai handed over ten Shenyuan Fajing.Brother Lin… Shengmu didn\’t know what to say.Brother Shengmu, why do you and I divide each other? When I am in trouble, you stand up and help each other. I remember all of this in my heart. But now that the wood world is in trouble, how can I sit back and watch in Shanghai? These ten gods Jing doesn\’t need to say more, just keep it. Shanghai said.If it hadn’t been for Shengmu and others for their help at all costs when they entered the battlefield of the gods, it is still unknown whether Shanghai could survive, especially when Mu Ningxue suffered the Wanyao catastrophe, Shengmu had even raised two. Wanshangpin god source and a top god source.Although these numbers seem to be nothing in Shanghai today, they played a huge role at the time.Wang, Brother Lin is right, why should I wait to share each other.

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