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Jian Xiyu gently wiped away the tears on Xiao Siyu\’s eyelashes and made a decision secretly. After entering the city, she was just passing by. She would not look for his uncle again.

Haha…Looking at you are still alive, if you can die under my joint hands with Brother Can, you are dead without regret, Shanghai, your two women, I will take good care of you… Guo Qidaoang His head laughed wildly, his expression suddenly stiffened, his smile stopped abruptly, his pupils dilated rapidly…Not only him, but even the residual blood of the Yin smile, his cheeks suddenly froze, and he stared at the scene in front of him sluggishly.How…how could it be…Could it be that his body was made by a third-rank artifact… Guo Qidao and the two couldn\’t help shaking because they were in front of them.Shanghai still stands in place, with nine bronze marks appearing on his body, each one foot long, with a palpable ancient rhyme, as if he was a supreme powerhouse from the immemorial era, and like The gods and demons crawled out from the deep underground.Without the slightest scar, Shanghai is as good as before, but the confusion in his eyes has faded at this moment, and Qingming is replaced by Qingming. He has woken up, completely awake.With just a glance, the two of Guo Qidao felt like they had fallen into an endless abyss, and a cold chill appeared all over their bodies, spreading from the soles of their feet to their foreheads, and they could not perceive the aura of Shanghai, the only thing they could feel. It is the horrible suffocation of being strangled in the neck.escape……This was the first thought that Guo Qidao and the other two had after reacting.Chapter 1123With all their strength, they couldn\’t hurt Shanghai any more. As long as they were not stupid, they could tell that Shanghai\’s strength was much more terrifying than they expected. If they didn\’t run away, they would probably die here.Without hesitation, the two of Guo Qidao quickly retreated. To their surprise, Shanghai did not pursue them, but gave them a faint glance.This glance made Guo Qidao and the two feel uncomfortable. It felt like the other party did not treat them as opponents at all, just like the ordinary powerhouses present, which made them feel that they lost their dignity. .Shanghai……Guo Qidao gritted his teeth fiercely in his heart, and his face was extremely gloomy, \”Wait, wait until I break through to a higher level, one day I will slam you under your feet, and then crush your dignity one foot after another. Let you endure unbearable humiliation, I won\’t let you go…\”Remnant Blood also glanced at Shanghai coldly. Now that he can\’t kill the opponent, it doesn\’t mean that he can\’t be in the future. With his character, today\’s insult will inevitably be returned ten times, or even a hundred times.Driven by the power of the Eighth Blessed One’s reincarnation artistic conception level, the speed of the twoIt has reached a thousand times the boundary speed, and with their speed, it is enough to disregard the heroes, not to mention the distance of a mere thousands of miles outside the golden hall.For the two, it was just a moment.suddenly!

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