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Although Yan Tao is not the future master of the Yan family, he is also the direct second son of the master. His roots are Miao Hong, and the future cannot be underestimated; Brilliance is also the eldest son of the Chinese family and the successor of the future owner. If there is no accident, one day in the future, it will be the real owner of the Chinese family.

boom……A shocking explosion suddenly came from a distance, followed by countless silver lights, like a handle of the godsword, containing the earth-shaking fortitude, directly soaring into the sky, stabbing on the top of the peak of the epee god, and finally slowly disappearing. But those silver awning powers did not change in the slightest.Out…appeared…Unexpectedly… unexpectedly appeared again…Sky Profound Sword Body…The three disciples of Ancient Xuanzong were shocked, their eyes were full of weirdness, and there were deep envy and jealousy.Sky Profound Sword Body?Brother, what is the Profound Sky Sword Body? The cultivators couldn\’t help asking curiously. The change in talent just came from another kendo. No one knows which one the specific one, but what is certain is that something must have happened in the place of silver light that broke out.It\’s just that they are so far apart that everyone can\’t know what\’s going on, but what happened at this moment has whipped everyone\’s appetite.The Profound Sky Sword Body is a rare physique for cultivating our sect\’s highest cultivation method. This physique will only appear in a row for tens of thousands of years. Once it is activated, there will be ten thousand sword-shaped silver rays ascending into the sky. People of physique, practicing my clan technique will not only get twice the result with half the effort, but if the qualifications are not bad, it may even become the choice of the next suzerain…The ancient Xuanzong disciple headed by this point sighed slightly, \”Unexpectedly, I will be able to see the Sky Profound sword body appear in the sect during my lifetime.\”The Profound Sky Sword Body has been recorded several times in Ancient Profound Sect. Everyone with this class of Profound Sky Sword Body will be cultivated as a core figure, and the appearance of these characters also means that the Profound Sky Sect will be general. After tens of thousands of years, it entered a period of heyday.After all, those with the sword body of the Celestial Profound Sword of the past dynasties are expected to become leaders. Under the leadership of such a character, the Ancient Profound Sect will inevitably develop more vigorously than it is today.Hearing that, all the cultivators present were shocked.The core figure, and may become the next master of Ancient Xuanzong… This is really amazing. You must know that these cultivators’ ideas are just to become disciples of Ancient Xuanzong and learn higher-level cultivation methods, or It\’s nothing more than gaining a strong inheritance, but I never expected to be able to enter the core of Ancient Xuanzong in one fell swoop.Someone jumped into the Dragon Gate, which shocked everyone, and couldn\’t help being full of taste. Why didn\’t they have the Sky Profound Sword Body? In this case, not only could they become the core disciple of Ancient Xuanzong, but they could even obtain the ultimate cultivation method. , And is even expected to become a generation of suzerain in the future, commanding the heroes.咻咻…Six sword lights of different colors appeared in the void, and each of them contained the aura of terrifying gods, and saw the six gods eagerly plundered them down, strikingly towards the area where the Profound Sky Sword body was!In the 78th kendo, a young man was covered with silver awns. These silver awns passed around his body like a sword. His skin and flesh and blood continued to change under the movement of these silver awns. With every transformation, the young man\’s aura will undergo some special changes.

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