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\”Darling, it\’s all three pills for three circles of Dan dizziness! Jane Xi, you didn\’t rob a Dan master,\” brilliance sighed incredulously.

Senior Nantian, why come here so interested? An old monster who is almost losing his teeth smiled and walked over and arched his hands. This is an veteran top god who is in Nanlingtian. Also quite famous.Go away, get in my way again… Old Monster Nantian glanced horizontally.The old monster turned pale with fright, and walked back. Although the old monsters of the same period, the Nantian old monster was a god general, and he could kill him with a wave of his hand.The rest of the bosses who originally planned to go up to fawn, couldn’t help but stop their pace. They naturally could see that the Nantian boss now has a bad temper. It\’s in trouble.To provoke a god general…If there is no need, even the gods at the same level will not do such things, let alone the gods below the gods.Many old monsters, even some strong men, retreated to the distance one after another, lest the Nantian old monsters were upset, and they would be wiped out at will.Shanghai followed into the bargaining meeting. The old monster Nantian sullenly walked forward, and every time he passed a counter, he saw any satisfactory treasures. He directly threw out the essence of God’s origin, and sold it without even discussing the price. The person is rather helpless, even if the price is unreasonable, he dare not say a word.Pieces of treasures were bought by the Nantian Boss. Shanghai noticed that none of those treasuresOne wasn\’t something to improve cultivation, and immediately his face tightened, because he had already guessed what the old monster Nantian wanted to do, and wanted to crammed himself up higher.Although this level of improvement is very fast, it will cause great damage to the foundation. In the end, the foundation will even become unstable. If it reaches that level, it will either be abolished and rebuilt, or it will only cost. A lot of time and energy to solidify the foundation.The whole venue circled a whole circle, and the old man Nantian didn\’t know how many shots he had made. Anyway, he didn\’t even look at it every time he bought it.Then came to the center of the venue, the Nantian boss slapped it, and the treasures piled up like a hill. The strong men and bosses in the past couldn\’t help being shocked. Some eyes showed scorching heat, but they were watching. After arriving at the Nantian Boss, he immediately closed his eyes, not daring to take another look.Give me all refining! Old Nantian ordered.You are harming me, stop dreaming, I won\’t help you when I die. Shanghai said in a deep voice.Don\’t help?The corner of Nan Tian’s mouth twitched, “I know you have a companion here, a black boy and another white-faced boy. If you don’t refining, I will catch them immediately. When the time comes, I will be in front of you. All the bones were broken, and then their souls were extracted, refined, and their souls scattered, but there was no chance of reincarnation into the world.\”Hearing this, Shanghai\’s face suddenly sank, and he cast a deep look at Boss Nan Tian.Hurry up, this deity has limited patience. Old Monster Nantian snorted.Shanghai didn’t say anything. He grabbed it and took in those treasures. At this moment, his chest was suffocated, but there was no way to deal with a god general. With his own strength, it would be hard to hurt him with all his strength. other side.

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