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But he said it, and he didn\’t think there was anything wrong.

However, this piece of bronze behemoth is only a minority, and more bronze behemoths have rushed up, from front to back.Boom boom boom…Zheng Haoran and others have already taken action. Every time they take action, dozens of giant bronze beasts will be killed. With the cooperation of the four gods, they are advancing quickly, and the high-level gods who followed quickly followed suit. , Some of them didn\’t have time to keep up, so they could only die in the mouth of the bronze behemoth.Under the front and rear enclosure, the number of bronze behemoths increased, and the scene began to become chaotic. In the face of these terribly tough bronze behemoths, the high-level gods simply did not have the ability to cope, even if they took action, It is also difficult to cause damage to the bronze behemoth.As for Zheng Haoran and others, they didn’t bother to pay attention to the high-level gods. They were still advancing forward. As for the Shanghai and others who were resisting behind, they didn’t even look at them. With the opening of the battle, the bronze on the left and right sides The giant beast has rushed over, completely blocking the road ahead.Boy Lin, they have gone far.Dugu Sanming hurriedly said: \”These guys used us and let us contain the bronze behemoth… asshole…\” When it came to the back, the lungs were so angry that they would explode, but what can they do? There are more and more bronze behemoths.Zheng Haoran and others have disappeared, and they are obviously gone. The spirit of Shanghai is confined in the Baili area and cannot be released too much. Obviously, he has been used by Zheng Haoran and others, because the evil god will kill every time. Killing some giant bronze beasts will attract more giant bronze beasts.Although these bronze behemoths do not have any intelligence, only killing, they seem to have a special connection. Once more be killed, more bronze behemoths will be attracted. Zheng Haoran obviously knows this, so Only then did Shanghai and others be invited to join, precisely because of the terrifying physique and power of the Cthulhu General.Shanghai was not surprised to be overcast. He had already considered this when he joined forces with Zheng Haoran and others. None of these old monsters is good, and in the face of interests, sooner or later they will have to tear their faces. It\’s okay for the four to leave, at least you don\’t have to worry about them playing tricks on themselves.I scanned the surroundings. The original more than 200 high-level gods have been killed and injured, and only a small part of them are still alive. But these people may not survive long, and some lucky ones have broken through the siege, but this is a minority. .All that is done in front of me, let\’s break through the encirclement first.Senior Dugu, Senior Green Blade, come to me. Shanghai Transmit said.Immediately!Du Gu San Ming and Qing Blade rushed over immediately, the former couldn\’t help being slightly surprised, but due to the urgent situation, he didn\’t say anything.Shanghai was about to control the Cthulhu General with his mind, and suddenly felt that the speed and power of the Cthulhu General who was shooting had dropped a lot.No, the power of the Cthulhu General is almost exhausted… Dugu Sanming was also aware of this, and hurriedly shouted: \”Little Lin, hurry up, or if the power of the Cthulhu General is exhausted, I might die soon. Landed here.\”Chapter 1258 Ancient RuinsThe power of the Cthulhu General is exhausted…Shanghai suddenly remembered that the war puppet has a great flaw, that is, its own power cannot be maintained for too long, and it will soon be exhausted, and it must be replenished. I didn’t notice this before, and now I remember it. This immediately made everyone into a desperate situation.

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