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Although the area of the small courtyard is not too large, it is hidden in the bamboo forest. There is a spiritual spring passing through the bamboo forest. The exquisite and extreme details are reflected in every corner. Bamboo fragrance, breeze and aura, as well as several bamboo buildings built of spiritual bamboo are interspersed among them, which are integrated with the surrounding scenery. Jane Xi likes this place very much, so she doesn\’t mean her praise.

If you can get to know that senior…You think too much, with this senior\’s talent, how can you be able to climb high, let alone you, even if it is me. A strong woman couldn\’t help but ridicule.Huh, you are not the same.Yes, it\’s the same for me, in fact, in Qingyin Palace, there are still people who have this qualification.Who?Of course it is Junior Sister Bi.Junior Sister Bi, how about we go and see? A strong woman approached Bi Yuelan and said.No, I still have to practice.Bi Yuelan shook her head slightly, but looked at the distance outside the palace, that familiar face reappeared, and she couldn\’t help muttering in her heart, \”If he is here, he can also reverse the black prison!\” Deep thoughts emerged.Let\’s go, the practice will wait until you come back to cultivate, go and see first.But the deacon has ordered that I can\’t leave the palace at will.It\’s okay, with Junior Sister Bi here, what are we afraid of.A strong woman winked, and the other three strong women immediately grabbed Bi Yuelan, the latter twisted a few times, and finally couldn\’t stand the four people\’s plea, and reluctantly led them to plunder together. Leaving the Qingyin Palace, heading towards the black!There were three other people who were rushing to the black prison. It was the three men who were not allowed to wind and the man with the eagle hook nose. They had just practiced in the nearby secret realm. Just after they finished their cultivation, they received the news that the black prison had been reversed. People are quite shocked.Under curiosity and shock, Feng Renren and others decided to rush to see, and if possible, make friends with the reversal black prisoner by the way.Chapter 1303Near the black prison, there have been a lot of powerhouses, most of them are patrolling powerhouses, and some of the powerhouses who have noticed the trembling of the black prison in the past have also come one after another, many of them are thinking See the reversal of the black prison with your own eyes.The first ones who arrived were some deacons from the Sixteenth Pavilion. They were relatively close to each other. After receiving the news, they had already arrived.When the Jinpao Deacon of Huashen Palace came with three deacons, the deacons of the Sixteenth Pavilion looked rather ugly. The Six Pavilions are much weaker in terms of resources and inheritance.

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