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Shangguanbo\’s arrogant and complacent eyes at Xiang hualinger are also extremely cold. If Jane Xi is imprisoned for life because of this little girl, he will not kill her for the sake of his brothers, but he will also give her an unforgettable lesson for life. At the same time, I was secretly glad that I started early today, otherwise I would not be able to run if blocked by these old men.

At this time!Ji Nii shot, the whole body turned dark green, and under the interlaced hands, an unparalleled horror aura broke out. The huge void and the earth continued to evolve, as if a world was condensed into such a terrifying power. , Compared to the previous blow in Shanghai is not weaker.Dual reincarnation magic…Shanghai judged it at a glance. Unexpectedly, Ji Ji also mastered the dual reincarnation skill, and used it so skillfully. No wonder at the first sight, there is a feeling that this person is not weaker than Lan Yi, with Ji Jiu If you can wait and grow up in the future, without any accidents, it is inevitable to become the king of God.However, the real comparison between the two is that Shanghai\’s potential is much stronger, because Nirvana is a powerhouse at the peak of the Fifth World Zun. It is about one level higher than Shanghai. If it is at the same level, Shanghai will naturally have the same ability. Advantage.boom……The enchantment was shocked again.Lan Yi also took action. Compared to the sky above Shanghai and Nimie, her posture is extremely elegant, without the slightest smell of fireworks. The jade palm lightly hits the top of the enchantment, and she is touching. In an instant, the power of terror was released.The same is the dual reincarnation magical skill, but she controls both the reincarnation of living beings and the reincarnation of the world, so she releases a sense of infinite space being stretched. With layers of advancement, the falling speed is slightly reduced, and then Yun Po also shot.Surprisingly, he also knows the magical skill of reincarnation. Although it is only a kind of reincarnation of the domain, its power is not as good as the previous three, but for the young strong present, it is enough to shock them, especially He was the strong one ahead of Yun Po, and he was immediately shocked.It stands to reason that Yun Po ranks behind them and should be weaker than them, but with such a terrifying strength, I am afraid it will be no problem to rank fourth, but why has Yun Po never made it to the top of the sky? Is it deliberately showing weakness? Or just broke through?However, the horror of the reincarnation magical skills has made the young experts present realize how big the gap between the reincarnation magical skills and no reincarnation magical skills is, even if there is only one, the difference in the power of attack and killing released is too great. NS.It can be said that with a reincarnation magical skill, Yun Po can defeat the powerhouse ranked in front of him, even the fourth young powerhouse is not sure to win.As for the Shanghai trio, the rest of the young powerhouses have no ideas. They are far from being able to match their strength, physique, or power of attack.Immediately afterwards, the deacons who were able to persist took action, unleashing all the power of attack and killing, constantly bombarding the enchantment, weakening the speed of its fall, even some young and powerful people took action, and everyone shot again and again. , The rate of decline gradually slowed down a lot.There are still about a thousand miles away from the ground, and the descending speed of the main hall has reached the level that everyone can bear. The deacons and young powerhouses who are struggling to make a move suddenly breathed a sigh of relief.suddenly!Boom!A golden light full of flames in the void was chopped down. It was the broken left wing of the Golden Winged Dapeng. At this moment, it was torn off by the Shura Dragon. The Golden Winged Dapeng screamed, opened his mouth suddenly, and spit out one. Beads with terrifying flames.This thing is the lifelong crystallization of the Golden Winged Roc, and it is the source of its power. Only the Golden Winged Roc that reaches the level of the god king has the opportunity to condense out. The bead hits the head of the Shura dragon, and a sharp whine is transmitted. Then, the head of the Shura dragon was smashed into pieces, and the flames quickly burned on its body.

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