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Jane Xi searched for a long time and didn\’t find it. She couldn\’t help thinking that maybe the demon pill won\’t appear here because it\’s not a medicinal material. She looked back at the seven elders and wanted to ask if they had any, but she opened her mouth and didn\’t mean to ask.

Divine emperor disciple, the worst is the divine noble level…Many strong people suddenly shook their hearts, and in a moment, the eyes looking at those futons gradually changed.Chapter 1402At this time!Luo Yue moved suddenly, her ethereal figure swept towards the first futon. Among the many futons, that futon was not the largest, but it was the most complete one, and the whole futon looked like other futons. There is no difference, but the whole body is quite round.In fact, many strong people have noticed this futon, of course not because of the appearance of this futon, but because it ranks first.The order of the futon represents the identity and status of the disciples of the Primordial God Emperor in the past years, as well as the ability to sit in the first place. Naturally, he is the first major disciple among the disciples of the Primordial God Emperor in the past. The big disciple, no matter who it is, it is inevitable that he will love him a little bit.Although I don\’t know what is in this futon, no one wants to miss this opportunity.At the same time, there were three god kings and two strong men. The speed of these five people was similar to that of Luo Yue, and they rushed to the first futon.When the other strong men saw it, it was already a step too late. Since the first futon could not be competed, then the second one. Many strong men with such ideas rushed to the second futon.The three god kings, two extremely powerful men comparable to the god kings, brought terrible pressure. Even if Luo Yue\’s figure was one point faster than them, he still had to bear the invisible and terrifying pressure brought by these five characters. Perhaps because of too much pressure, his body is slightly stagnant.In an instant!The five characters rushed up together. Although they didn’t make a move, it was an undercurrent surging. Various auras continued to rush together, making banging noises, but these noises were quickly suppressed by the Fa-Teaching Hall. There is no room for these auras to have a chance to attack.Even so, the five characters were still attacking each other, trying to suppress each other, and the two superpowers were quite terrifying, and they completely withstood the suppressive aura issued by the three gods Qiqi, without any interference.suddenly!A supreme aura suddenly emerged, covering the five characters in a flash, and the five suddenly stopped, and Luo Yue was full of black hair and dancing wildly. The original elegant appearance was completely changed, and a pair of cold stars was covered. His twin pupils contain a touch of supreme power.Emperor Wei…The expressions of the five characters changed slightly. Although they were very light, they could fully feel that Luo Yue contained a hint of imperial prestige. Those who could possess such imperial prestige might have obtained the inheritance of the emperor, otherwise they could not send out the emperor. Mighty.Under the imperial prestige, the five figures stagnated.呲…

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