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The one-sided massacre soon caused a river of blood here, and several teams of soldiers who came later became victims of the massacre because they did not form a battle line in time. The leader\’s face was also extremely ugly at this time. He could no longer install ~ B ~ there, and rubbed his body to break into the battle group.

It was Hao who first discovered it, and he also taught the method of Yuelan Nine Heavens Immortal Sounds. Bi Yuelan said.What? Liao Baishu was shocked at the same time.They naturally heard Liuxuan Shenzun mentioned that there is only one cultivation method suitable for the Euphonium Divine Body, and the rest of the laws of music cannot stimulate the strongest power of the Euphonium Divine Body. They originally thought that the nine gods Yinnai was found by the Six Profound God Venerable, but he never thought it was taught in Shanghai.this……Liao Baishu looked at each other and their eyes were full of shock. What they saw and heard today gave them too much shock. Immediately, the two glanced at Shanghai at the same time, their eyes became more complicated and young. With such vision, coupled with such ability, is he really inferior to Bi Yuelan?Not necessarily, it may even have greater potential than Bi Yuelan, because compared to her, Shanghai is full of many variables, and these variables are difficult for both Liao Baishu and Liao Baishu, so they cannot be sure where Shanghai can go in the future. step.At this time!Shanghai’s momentum collided with nearly a thousand auras, and the surging power that broke out hit the road against the sky. Faced with the core powerhouse of the nearly a thousand perished gods, Shanghai\’s right hand dropped slightly, and his palms were spread out. , Followed by a shake of his right arm.chant……A shocking thunder came out and landed on Shanghai’s arm, turning into a thunder-like spear. The tip of this spear was covered with heart-stuck imperial patterns, which glowed under the cross. Gives a shuddering luster and power.kill!In the twin pupils, small thunders are intertwined, and Shanghai has transformed into a stronger thunder, killing the past along the road against the sky……Inside the closed hall of the elders!The six elders sat cross-legged, all closed their eyes, and the vast and immense divine thoughts kept colliding, and these six elders were obviously discussing something.suddenly!All spiritual thoughts are taken back.Liuxuan Shenzun opened his eyes and glared displeasedly at Xue Shenzun who was on the opposite side. The latter had an indifferent look, but his gaze was filled with contentment.Humph! Liuxuan Shenzun snorted coldly, ignoring Xue Shenzun again.My fellow daoists, the things we\’re talking about in the past few days have been settled. Let\’s go back and prepare for the time being. The elder Shangguan who was sitting in the first seat waved his hand. The moment it was unlocked, a strong man in gold armor quickly rushed in.

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