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In the whole hall, Jane Xi looked at these 70 or 80 people. About 60 people were wearing Dan master robes. The highest collar was embroidered with yellow Dan furnace. There were no alchemists with green Dan furnace like her, except her.

Don\’t worry about this for now, and quickly bless the Tai Xuan Zhu Immortal Formation.Can\’t let him run out.The four gods such as Yin and Yang were shocked, and quickly shot, urging all their power to suppress the position of the Tai Xuan Zhu Xian Formation, the imperial weapon containing the power of the gods, they naturally knew that the power was unimaginable, even the low-level ones. Those who are urged by it can kill the strong one or two realms higher, let alone the elder of the cracking sky, and urged by the power of the gods is even more terrifying.At this time, the Immortal Formation of Tai Xuan Zhu was distorted.Click…A crack emerged, and the expressions of the four gods including Yin and Yang changed drastically, and they quickly suppressed them.boom……The Taixuan Zhuxian array burst open, and a figure soared into the sky holding the main emperor weapon halberd. It was the elder of the sky cracking that all the power was poured into the main emperor weapon halberd, and it directly slashed at the void.Wow…The enchantment of the void was completely cut open, and the elder cracking sky rushed into the void.Don\’t let him run.Leave it to me. Yin Yang and other four gods made their moves one after out……The main imperial weapon halberd slashed down.The expressions of the four gods including Yin and Yang changed, and they quickly shot. The four teamed up to pat the main imperial weapon halberd. There was a loud bang, and the four gods were shocked. Although they were not injured, the blood surged. Endlessly, I can only desperately suppress the blood.After the qi and blood were completely suppressed, the elder cracking sky had torn open the void and disappeared before their eyes.Chase!Once Cracking Sky escapes, it will reveal the secrets of my Fallen League, and then the Primordial Powerhouse and the Four Great Emperor Palaces will definitely join forces to deal with our Fallen League, and we must not let him run away. Elder Yin said in a deep voice.Um!Immediately!

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