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Seeing Jane Xi\’s calm and natural look, Cui smiled and picked up another storage bag.

In an instant!The strong figure of the six gods at the pinnacle stagnated, as if set in the void, unable to move even a bit, but each face was full of horror, and when it was over, he couldn\’t run away.Answer me a question, where is this place in the middle layer of God\’s Domain? the silver-haired young man said. At this time, the powerhouses at the peak of the six gods were already able to move, but they did not dare to run. If they did run away, they might be killed on the spot. If they didn\’t run, they might still survive.Return… to senior, this is the eastern part of the Middle Heaven of God\’s Domain, near the Ten Thousand Island Mountain Range…Eastern…The silver-haired young man looked into the distance, \”It\’s still half a day away from that location. It\’s not too far. I hope they are still there.\”They? Half a day\’s journey? Although the six masters at the top of the gods were puzzled, they did not dare to say a word.Let\’s go. The silver-haired young man said casually.Yes Yes……Thank you, senior, thank you… The six strong men at the top of the gods were overjoyed, and they turned back again and again gratefully. They didn\’t dare to say anything, and immediately flew away. They were extremely fast, and they disappeared in a blink of an eye. , It’s no wonder that if he stays longer, if the silver-haired god king is dissatisfied and kills them, he will be wronged.Watching these six people leave, the silver-haired young man glanced at the three strong men behind him, \”You are from the lower heavens of God\’s Domain, right?\”Yes, senior. The three of them seemed a little excited. After all, what was in front of them was a god king. In the lower heavens of the gods, the god king was also among the top figures, not to mention the god king in front of him was so young.Do you know Ancient Xuanzong?Gu Xuanzong? Senior knows Gu Xuanzong? a man asked in surprise.Zai Xia has some origins with Ancient Xuanzong. I haven\’t seen it in a long time. I don\’t know how it is now? the silver-haired young man asked.Ancient Xuanzong… now it\’s more and more declining, but it can still be maintained. The man said helplessly: \”Don\’t hide from the predecessors, it is the ancient meaning of the ancient Xuanzong, this time to the middle level of the gods, I intend to see See if we can develop a foundation for Ancient Xuanzong.\”People of Ancient Xuanzong? The silver-haired young man was a little surprised. He stared at the gray cannon middle-aged man for a moment. The latter had a strange feeling, as if he was seen through by the other party for a moment, and he couldn\’t help but worry immediately. Which sentence is not right, offended this senior.呲…Two first-class artifacts were transformed into a sword-shaped artifact and a defensive ancient armor. These two things fell in front of the gray-robed middle-aged man.Senior…this…

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