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\”Second young master, I\” Liu Zhou didn\’t wait to say. When he saw the green Dan stove on Jian Xi\’s collar, Jian Xi had been the first to export, and this word still contained spiritual power.

After hesitating for a while, Shanghai decided to ask.Do you remember the extreme land?Of course I remember, that was the first time I saw you. Zihu nodded.Then do you remember the Tiangangzong? Shanghai asked, he was a little nervous at the moment, after all, this Tiangangzong was created by the real Tiangang.Tiangangzong? Purple Fox shook his head.Where is the real Tiangang? Shanghai asked.Little man, why are you asking these weird questions? Are these all related to me? Zihu\’s mind is so clever, he can directly see Shanghai\’s thinking.Shanghai did not answer, but always paid attention to the look of the purple fox, and found that from beginning to end, whether it was mentioning Tiangang sect or the real person of Tiangang, the look of the purple fox had not changed, and the willow eyebrows were still slightly frowned, and he was blank and peaceful. Looks puzzled.Now, Shanghai can be sure that a part of Zihu\’s memory has indeed disappeared. It is about the real person Tiangang, as well as the memory of her own life experience, which is obviously gone. Although it disappeared for no reason for some reason, it is not necessarily a bad thing.The purple fox has been living in hatred in the past. In order to find the real person of Tiangang, he has paid a lot of prices. What is the end result? Because of the misunderstanding of the father and daughter, life and death met each other. If Shanghai were one step late at that time, the purple fox would surely disappear, and the real Tiangang would live in guilt forever.Are you hiding something from me? Zihu\’s beautiful eyes stared at Shanghai.It\’s okay. Shanghai waved his hand and couldn\’t help asking: \”How are you feeling now? How are your injuries?\”Injury?Zihu looked around and said, \”My realm and strength seem to have disappeared, and I don\’t know what happened. It seems that you have to protect me all the way.\” After finishing speaking, he glanced at Shanghai and looked like that. The amorous feelings are so alluring and incomparable.Obviously, she knows Shanghai quite well. She knew what might have happened. Shanghai didn\’t want to talk about it. She also didn\’t ask, because there was no need to ask. Even if she asked, would Shanghai tell her? So she chose not to talk about it, and waited for the opportunity to come out again.Huh? Why did you enter this Magnetosphere? Zihu asked unexpectedly.Magnetic Domain?Shanghai frowned, \”I don\’t know, this is the only way back to the middle heaven of God\’s Domain.\” This road was told by the real Tiangang. At that time, there was no mention of the so-called Magnetosphere. Obviously, there was no such thing before, but it may be possible. It appeared later.The Magnetosphere is a very special place in the sky. It has extremely terrifying pressure. You can\’t detect it if you don\’t enter it. Even if the quasi-divine emperor strays in, you will be crushed and killed, unless your body can support and resist. Magneto Domain.Purple Fox Willow frowns, \”Strange, this Magnetosphere is so wide, I don\’t know how many stars are covered. The Magnetosphere that is naturally formed shouldn\’t be so big.\”

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