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Li Chengyue cleaned the dishes and chopsticks, secretly looked at Li Siyu on the Kang in the room, and turned to go out.

The descendants of Emperor Huntian? Shanghai asked.That\’s right! Don\’t look at them young, these two guys are terrifying characters, much more terrifying than the four guardians. These two venerable sons have the inheritance of the Emperor Huntian, which is comparable to the reincarnation of the god emperor. The ancient soul master said in a deep voice.The words are full of jealousy. It is no wonder that the son of Emperor Huntian himself has the blood of Emperor Huntian himself. This kind of person has the advantages and abilities that other strong people can never match at birth. As the bloodline power is stimulated, the more it grows, the more terrifying it becomes.What are they doing here? Shanghai couldn\’t help asking.I don’t know, this is the original Huntian Emperor Palace, and it’s normal for them to come back to see it. Hmm…maybe there is something left in the Huntian Emperor Palace, and these two sages will return. It’s better for us to follow up and see. Look? Ancient Spirit Master suggested.Follow up? You\’re going to go by yourself, I don\’t have this leisurely mind. Shanghai Shen said, although they are far apart, and there is no need to perceive them, but just by sight, you can feel the terribleness of these two masters. , Not to mention there are four guardians behind.It is extremely difficult for Shanghai to destroy any one of these protectors.I\’m just talking about it. After they leave, let\’s go over again. Ancient Spirit Master said casually.Um!Shanghai nodded, staring at the two sons in the distance, and immediately noticed that these two men were acting a little strangely, and saw that the man raised his hands high, and there was a word in his mouth, and a strange power filled his fingers. Echoes with the power pervading around.What is even more weird is that the two sons actually knelt down and bowed to the void. Immediately after a loud bang, the earth trembled, the ground shattered, and a sharp object emerged. When it fully appeared, it was a huge triangular tower-shaped ancient temple.This ancient temple is completely closed, and the upper part is covered with patterns that have never been seen in Shanghai. These patterns are intertwined, like a terrible behemoth. Inhaled this triangular tower-shaped ancient temple.Could it be… the rumor that the legendary Emperor Huntian came from outside the sky is true… The ancient soul master\’s voice trembled a little.Outside the sky? What do you mean? Shanghai was startled, and it was the first time he had heard of it.Outside the sky is outside the three realms. The so-called three realms are the God Realm and the Spirit Realm. The outer sky realms are collectively called the Three Realms. These three realms are where we are. Some people say that we are in the three realms. The domain is the whole world. But since the ancient times, there has been an unproven rumor that there is a world outside the three domains. No one knows whether this is the case. Unexpectedly, this outside domain really exists. …… The ancient soul master stared at the triangular tower, his eyes pierced with shock and complexity.Outside…Shanghai was also shocked, staring at the triangular tower, the lines on the top, and the shape of the triangular tower. They were completely different from everything he knew about, and he could feel that the triangular tower contained Power is different from all the powers I know. It is a power I have never seen before.If that\’s the case, then what is there outside the realm? Ancient Soul Master said solemnly.No one knows what\’s outside the domain. What we need to do now is to get to the fairyland as soon as possible. After Shanghai finished speaking, he walked around from another place, but when he was walking, he felt a weird feeling. As he walked, he suddenly found himself circling back to the original path, and was getting closer and closer to the triangular tower.What\’s the matter? Ancient Soul Master said solemnly.

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