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Li Siyu nodded. This is the old lady\’s love for the original owner. She is not a bad person. She can\’t say that everyone eats equally.

Smoke was already billowing in the sixth floor, and flames continued to rise from the fifth floor, and a harsh fire alarm sounded outside the square.Shanghai insisted, but his strength was constantly being consumed. With three fingers, he could only hold Xiaoxue\’s wrist tightly, but the palm was already full of sweat, and Xiaoxue slowly slipped off.Don\’t give up yet? You have lost, you have already lost… Evil Yuan laughed wanton.The blood on his forehead slid down along Shanghai\’s right hand, and finally landed on Xiaoxue\’s palm. Suddenly a black flag flew out and landed on Xiaoxue\’s palm, absorbing the drop of blood. NS.This is…and it…and it…The evil source roared unwillingly, because on the small flag, he saw a small figure, it was the little beast.The black flag merged into Xiaoxue\’s body, her body became translucent, and a pair of dragon horns emerged from her forehead, her body was covered with dragon scales, and her original pure and unparalleled face showed a slight change. , Become extremely beautiful.As soon as Shanghai\’s palm lightened, Xiaoxue fluttered up, with a smile on her face.Brother Hao…Ningxue… Shanghai was startled.boom……The flames on the fifth floor rose in the sky and swept over, engulfing Shanghai and Xiaoxue\’s bodies in these flames, and floated towards the sky. A small black flag quickly opened and turned into endless spots of light. People are entangled in it.An extremely mysterious force was injected into Shanghai\’s body. His body had undergone a reborn change, and on his forehead, a pair of imprints appeared, and the supreme majesty emerged spontaneously. The left body was flowing and rolling. Immortal Qi, on the right side of the body, is full of magical intent flowing.The first life-the memory of the immortal, including everything, turned into a symbol.The second life-the memory of the Taoist ancestor in the early days, and everything, turned into the second symbol…The third generation………The eighth life, that is, the life of Shanghai, was once again consummated and turned into the eighth symbol.Eight symbols are printed on the forehead of Shanghai, but this is not enough, because there is only the power and everything of the eighth.

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