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Li Siyu nodded. Second sister, didn\’t you say someone sold a job? I want you to give me a whole one.

I recognize it, sister-in-law Li. I\’m Dongjian. I haven\’t come back for so many years, and there have been great changes here! Grandpa Jane said loudly. \”What? You are really Dongjian and Xiaoyu? Why are you so young? You have hardly changed over the years? I didn\’t dare to recognize it just now. Come on, Xiaoguo, come on, this is uncle Jian and this is your Aunt Jane.\” sister-in-law Li hurriedly pushed her honest son around her. \”Ah? Uncle Jane? Aunt Jane? This is the uncle and Aunt Jane you often talk about? This – this – they look younger than me. I\’m a little – a little – can\’t say it,\” said the dark middle-aged man called small country honestly. \”People in the city are young. In fact, they are already in their sixties. They make you cry uncle and aunt and bend you?\” sister-in-law Li was a little angry and her son was dull. \”It\’s all right, Jane. This is your mother-in-law Li and this is your uncle in a small country.\” grandma Fang felt a little funny and hurried to rescue her. \”Good mother-in-law Li, good uncle Xiaoguo,\” Jane cried crisply. \”Oh, well, Jane, uncle and Aunt Jane, hurry to my house. It\’s too cold outside. We don\’t have high-rise buildings here. The wind is much harder than the city. I\’m afraid you city people can\’t stand it.\” Xiaoguo said rudely when he saw the two girls in front of him, their delicate appearance. \”Oh, I\’m so old. It\’s a cold day and I want you to stand outside. Let\’s go home quickly. Xiao Yu, I received your call a few days ago. I asked Xiao Guo and his daughter-in-law to clean up your house. After burning it for several days, I finally baked the house out. Otherwise, the house is too cold to live. I said to live in our house. We also have a place , although it\’s crowded, it\’s warm. You have to live in your old house. You! You haven\’t changed, but you\’re still so stubborn. \”The three of the Jane family smiled as they walked, listening to the broken words of sister-in-law Li supported by small country. After going straight for more than 100 meters, he came to the front of the courtyard of a neat brick house. Xiaoguo pushed open the door, and sister-in-law Li pushed open the arm held by Xiaoguo. She said she didn\’t want him to help anything, muttering that she was not old enough to reach a step. When the gate was opened, the courtyard was full of vitality. There were more than a dozen cocks and hens with feathers running on the ground, a big local dog and two geese. According to sister-in-law Li, there were originally five geese. Two of them were killed last month, but there were still so two left. Another one was killed today. In a moment, you can eat the authentic farm dish \”big goose stewed pickled cabbage\”. After entering the room, the corridor outside is not too warm. When you open a door, the heat rushes to your face. The room is not small. The innermost part is a big Kang, and the fire wall on the left makes the whole room very warm. Jane Xi was no stranger to the layout of this farm house. She had seen these in her previous life, but she missed them for many years. She touched the hot Kang and the hot fire wall. Sister-in-law Li thought that the children in the city had not seen these, so she explained. The two old men of the Jane family looked at all this with a smile and kept silent. At this time, two middle-aged women came in outside the house. They had red blood spots blown by the wind on their faces. Their faces were very simple. When they came in and saw the guests in front of them, they were nervous and speechless. The younger one is the daughter-in-law of a small country, and the older one is the daughter-in-law of Da Zhi, the eldest son of the sister-in-law of the Li family. Now old boss Li and his eldest son are burning a fire in the old house of the Jane family. They haven\’t come back yet, and their two grandchildren have gone with them. After saying a few words, the two returned to the kitchen and were busy cooking. After chatting for a while, Lao Li and Da Zhi came back with a 16-year-old boy and a hairy boy who was only 11 or 12 years old. When the two children saw the guests, they were a little shy and didn\’t dare to speak. When the boy saw Jane Xi, he was so embarrassed that his head had to be lowered to his chest. Jane Xi looked at them with great interest. Compared with those middle school students in the city who had no spiritual belief and boast, the two boys who were almost her or not a few years younger than her looked more pure and simple. After a while, the table was set up, and dishes were brought up. They were all authentic farm dishes, stewed spare ribs with dry potato chips, wild goose sauerkraut, fried meat with dried chili slices, and fried local eggs with green onions. After a while, the table was filled. Although it was not as good as what was done in a big hotel, it was the most reassuring food, all of which were produced and planted by ourselves, Pure green food, even big tofu, are ground out of their own beans. The Jane family ate three bites very fragrant and happy. It was only at dinner that I learned that Li\’s sister-in-law was not that old. For example, her grandmother was two years older and she was only 60 years old this year. It was just that she had a prominent problem with her waist disc, which made it difficult to walk. Lao Li\’s head was two years younger than his wife. She was very strong and strong, and she walked like a flying pace. Their son and daughter-in-law are far from as big as they seem. The eldest \”Da Zhi\” is 41 years old, his daughter-in-law is 38 years old, and his eldest grandson Li Xuan is the same age as Jane Xi. He is also a senior one and is in a high school in his county; The second \”small country\” is 33 years old. His daughter-in-law is the same year as him, and his son is 12 years old. Children from rural families get married early. This is what Jane Xi summed up. But in the countryside, I soak in the ground all day, facing the Loess and back to the sky. My skin is rough, so it looks older than my actual age. The meal was very rich, the host was very warm, and the guests were very happy. Not long after the meal, the two urinals of the host\’s family gradually opened up, and they were no longer so restrained and strange. They also began to communicate with Jane Xi, the only child. The children in the city did not have the expected arrogance and disdain in their eyes, which made them unconsciously open their minds and no longer so nervous and wary, Start talking and laughing.

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