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Li Chengcai glanced. He also knew that he had lost his temper just now. He looked out as if no one had passed by.

After finishing the late lunch at more than two o\’clock, after packing up, everyone began to walk to the camp not far away from the teacher. In addition to carrying the bag on their back, they also had to carry the boxes containing food, water and various materials. If you can\’t finish one trip, you\’ll have two or three trips. Anyway, it\’s not far. I believe they\’ll return light when they come back. The camp chosen by the teacher is still a small gentle slope with expanded terrain and is not close to the nearby mountain. In this way, some objects falling from the mountain can be avoided to avoid danger and will not be afraid of being washed by heavy rain. There are also some trees growing on the gentle slope, but they are not dense. The teacher instructed everyone to first set up tents. At the command, everyone took out their own large and small, colorful tents and began to build them. The students who have never done these things have done a mess at this time, At this time, we can see how poor the children who only know how to read in China are. Jane Xi sighed. She has no energy to care about others for the time being. Let\’s put up a big tent for herself first. They have large tents and many people. They are all at sixes and sevens. They make mistakes here and there. In short, they are busy. Even if they make a mess, the atmosphere is excellent. They often see students around a pile of parts, and they start to make trouble. The teacher also lets things go. Just be happy and happy, Even if you come out, it\’s just for everyone\’s happiness. Everyone is an adult. There\’s no need to be as formal as the army at this time. However, even if they are stupid enough to give them time, they can get the tent right. When they set up the tent, make their beds and settle their luggage, many people go directly into the tent to experience the small base where they will camp for the first time in their life. However, when everyone saw Jane Xi\’s tent, the little friends were stunned and unconsciously gathered around. The tent was really big. Xin Wei explained in front of them: \”This is a tent for 6-8 people. There is a partition in the middle. You see, there is also a cable. We also prepare a flocking inflatable bed. See, it\’s just enough for placement. There are flocking inflatable pillows. We are one by one. There is a moisture-proof pad under the inflatable bed, so we are not afraid of underground moisture. How about sleeping bags and thin blankets? Good? Ha ha, not only these, but also Well, wait a minute, Xinyu and they will set up the sunshade. We will put folding tables and chairs there. The area is large, which can shade the sun and block the rain. Kill two birds with one stone? I won\’t tell you. You can see it later. I\’m going to help. \” When Xinwei saw Ruonan holding a long alloy metal rod and handing it to Xinyu, he hurried to finish his speech and sue for a crime, so he hurried to help Ruonan. Chapter 231 happy camp Jane Xi has always been an expert at playing with these things. She commands several people whether setting up tents or sorting things. Everyone performs their duties and is busy but not disorderly. Their tent is the largest and has the most things, but it is the first work completed by their classmates. Even the teachers came to their sunshade, because there were two folding tables and eight folding chairs that had been placed, and several other folding chairs. On the two tables, after Jane Xi had wiped them, she took out a stainless steel dinner plate, put washed fresh fruit and several bottles of mineral water, which was more attractive, So the teachers first \”enjoy special treatment\” and sit there watching the students busy. Their own tents have been set up long ago, because they are adults and most of them have mature experience, so these are a piece of cake. When they saw that Jane cherished such good conditions here, regardless of others, they were first attracted here. Those students who were still fighting with various parts looked at the leisurely teachers, and their eyes were extremely worried. It was called \”chuchuchupitiful\”, but these unscrupulous teachers turned a blind eye, eating their fruits and drinking their water, They talked about the topics they thought they were interested in. More than 90 people were helpless and had to speed up to enjoy their achievements, so everyone moved much faster at this time. The teachers were secretly laughing. Tents of all colors, large and small, were set up in a ring to enclose an open space, which was reserved for the bonfire party in the evening. After that, there was no special program. Everyone strolled around the camp in groups. Under the small gentle slope where the camp is located, there is a green pool with beautiful scenery and clear water. Further away, there are strange peaks, high or low, around the green pool. But the scenery around here is already very pleasant. Now it\’s almost five o\’clock in the afternoon. Everyone plays and takes pictures on the edge of the pool. They also have a good time. The pool is very quiet. The water is clear and not deep. Now it\’s midsummer. The slightly cool pool is the best resort to relieve summer heat, so it\’s also the best place to swim. The students have already prepared swimming gear. Those who can\’t swim bring swimming rings, and those who can swim have also prepared swimsuits, swimming caps and goggles. Jian Xi, Xinyu, Ruonan, Yuanyuan and Xinwei have already received professional training in junior high school. It\’s easy to swim. They have nothing to do. He also changed his swimsuit. With the large team of students, we came to the pond. Slowly walked into the pool along the gentle but rough gravel beach. The slightly cool water made the students cry a few times. Soon, the lively water war was in full swing. Jane regretted that they didn\’t stray. With the students, all the Reiki, divine consciousness and skills were thrown aside. They were just laughing and making noise like mortals, and the edge of the calm pool was boiling. Even the more than ten teachers were encouraged by the students, and most of them entered the pool and made trouble with their students. There was no age gap, no serious atmosphere in the classroom, and there was only a sea of joy. For more than an hour, almost all the students and teachers have been exhausted. Everyone went ashore, went back to the tent, changed their clothes, found a cool shade under the tree, put on a moisture-proof mat and rested comfortably. Boys and girls whispered a lot. Before, we had a good sleep. Although we were tired, we didn\’t feel sleepy. Some boys gathered in a small pile and played poker. Although the atmosphere was not as lively as before, it was also a warm taste. The huge sunshade next to Jane Xi\’s tent has become the most attractive place. It can not only block large areas of sunshine, but also provide unlimited supply of tables, chairs, fruits and drinks. Some familiar and good friends also come here with their own snacks. Several teachers who fight water with their classmates are tired because of their age, He has gone back to the tent to rest. The other teachers are also chatting with their proud students. In Jianxi\’s tent, Mr. Huang and the head teacher of class 2. At this time, he has a very speculative conversation with the five of Jianxi, as well as the top students of classes Huang Shanshan and Feng Quanhai. More than ten students here are among the top 20 students in the academic year. They are the elites with high expectations from teachers and schools. Both Mr. Huang and Mr. Qiu, the head teacher of class 2, think highly of them and love them from the bottom of their heart. This group of outstanding students with unlimited future, no matter what kind of teachers, like those excellent students, Mr. Huang and Mr. Qiu are no exception, not only because they can make them become more important teachers in the education field of J city. It is also the most proud thing in their life that such excellent students graduate from them every year. Once those students who were as excellent as these children in front of them, Now it has been active in all walks of life across the country and even around the world. It has become the so-called winner, the elite talent and the object of competition for those well-known enterprises. They are sincerely happy. The kind of comfort and pride raised from the bottom of their hearts when students from all over the world come to thank their teachers every year can not be realized in any industry.

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