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Li Chengyue looked at the closed door and listened to the corner. She was sure she didn\’t mention the bowl.

It\’s a miracle that the miraculous medicine garden has been thriving after such a long time because of the protection of the array. Even though she observed that there are many kinds of miraculous medicine here, but the level is not high, the victory is that the number and year are long enough, and there are some miraculous medicines of more than level 4 in a small medicine field, and even level 5 and level 6, just a few There are few items, but the year is also old. There are also fruits that germinate and grow after landing again. The years are different, and some are even only more than ten years. Just because no one manages the plants, the plants are too dense, and the plants crowded in some years are not growing very well, but these are enough for Jane to cherish and rejoice. The old way is to dig the whole plot of land, one by one, and then you have to dig until the end of the year? With her cultivation, this method is a piece of cake. However, even so, it took her nearly five hours to finish the excavation. Then look at the elixir garden swept by her. It\’s as clean as the newly ploughed farmland. There\’s nothing left. Jane Xi accepted her hand with satisfaction, and then flashed into the situation of cherishing fate. Yes, she can enter the situation of cherishing fate here. The level 4 and level 5 arrays are also very simple for the array master Jian Nan, but Jian Nan doesn\’t plan to make a move. Joke, it\’s a rare opportunity for Jian Xi to learn. How can she not use the ready-made props? So Jane Nan didn\’t mean to help at all. Along the way, she let her crack it all the way. Although the functions of these arrays are some single and all-purpose defensive arrays, occasionally some arrays are mixed with some magic arrays, maze arrays and aggressive arrays. The more she goes inside, the more advanced the array is, It also gives Jane Xi a step-by-step process. Although there is no need to arrange the array, it also enriches Jian Xi with a lot of practical knowledge of the array. After all, in the past, no matter how few times Jian Xi arranged the array, it was very few to break the array. For a limited number of times, the level of the array was very low. Her actual combat experience was really poor. Even if her talent was as good as alchemy, it had to integrate theory with practice. Where can we find such an increasing level and step-by-step breaking practical teaching? From the beginning to the end, Jian Nan observed the process of breaking the array from Jian Xi\’s open vision. He was also pleased to find that Jian Xizhen was very talented in this aspect. Without Jian Nan\’s hint, it took only more than three months to break the five level array, although it was only a simple defense array, There is no single array mixed with other arrays, but it is also a level five array. This is a stepping stone. It opens the door for Jian Xi to enter the level five array and sees a corner of the array. Only after reaching level five does the array begin to have the meaning of entering the house. Although it is almost the simplest of level five arrays, it is not comparable to level four arrays, So Jane Nan is really happy to have such a clever younger generation. After more than three months of sleeplessness, Jane Xi was also exhausted physically and mentally. Coupled with five hours of searching, she overdrawn a lot of spiritual power. As soon as she entered the situation of cherishing fate, her serious spiritual overdraft and extensive use of spiritual power made her fall into bed, and she fell asleep without meditating or taking a bath. A passion supported her to collect all those spiritual herbs, Before entering the realm of cherishing fate. This sleep was very heavy and heavy. She hadn\’t slept like this for a long time. She has been very unhappy since she entered xuanqiu star. So far, she has only seen two real humans and a pseudo human. Both humans are dead. She wants to go back to the crowd, that is, she heard that human monks will be more dangerous and defenseless than such a place, But she still wanted to, she couldn\’t think of it. Such obsession has always supported her. She has never given up anywhere. She always walks forward with little hope and is not allowed to give up and fall. Chapter 336 out of the endless desert In the past, Jane spent another half a month to digest the knowledge that she had brought to the front by defending the five level defensive tactics, and to integrate the insights of the four levels of tactics, and to retain some knowledge of the real system. After that, he was driven out of Xiyuan territory by Jian Nan, and then cracked the remaining two five level arrays. Obviously, these two arrays are not a single defense array. One contains a slightly simple maze, but no matter how simple it is, it is only relative to the other array containing killing. Although the maze array is simpler than the killing array, it is also a five level array after all, Moreover, it is also a double composite array. Combining a five-level defense array with a five-level maze array is not as simple as one plus one equals two. Just like before, Jian Xi can easily arrange three-level arrays, she can also arrange three-level multiple composite arrays. However, she knows that the difficulty of three-level composite arrays is too much higher than that of single level three arrays. The more the number of weights, the more the difficulty increases by geometric multiples. Therefore, the same is true for these five-level arrays. The difficulty is more than twice or three times higher than that of level three? Of course, the first thing Jian Xi chose was a simpler defense and maze composite array. This was relatively simple, so a new round of array breaking began again. The estimate is the estimate. Jian Xi didn\’t expect that this five-level composite array is so difficult. Jian Xi spent the whole year on this array. After this array was broken, Jian Xi didn\’t even have the strength to go in. He flashed into the edge of love and fell asleep on the grass. Although every time his mental strength overdrawn during this year, She would then run Yuan Ming\’s divine sense to recover. After recovery, she would crack it and repeat it again and again, but it was like a tight belt. Although she will rest and recover, she still hasn\’t completely relaxed after all. She is afraid of temporary relaxation, so she can\’t find her feelings at that time. So I didn\’t really relax until the moment when the array broke. Jane Nan looked at Jane Xi painfully, but without such training, how could she achieve anything? It\’s a miracle that she can crack this array in a year. After all, she can almost be said to have crossed level 4 from level 3 to level 5 in a row. This time is only a year and a half in total. Although the latter defense and attack composite array is more difficult than this array, as a dual composite array, it is much smaller than the previous single array to dual array. He can be sure that the next array will not take her so long. Sure enough, Jane Xi cracked the last array in only eight months. Although she was also tired, it was much better than her previous state, and it was here. Jian Xi found that the ground in the main hall was actually a huge eight trigrams figure, and the central position of the figure was a pile of clothes. With a gentle sweep, it had turned into fly ash and scattered, revealing 18 rings unexpectedly. It\’s also this ring. It\’s the largest ring Jian Xi found, with a volume of more than 1000 cubic meters. Among all the previous harvests, it\’s the largest ring. It\’s only three or four hundred cubic meters, only a hundred or so cubic meters less. As for the storage bag, it\’s even smaller. The smallest one is only five or six cubic meters, and the largest one is only about dozens of cubic meters. This one actually reaches more than 1000 cubic meters, which also shows that the fallen elder is also the most important person in this multiple door, Otherwise, his ring would not be so big. Although it is much worse than Jane Xi\’s growing ring, it is also considerable. Before Jane Xi could see what was in this important ring, she felt something moving in her ring. After her divine sense explored it, she found that it was the broken \”iron\” piece she had forgotten. It was the \”iron\” piece with unknown material and strange shape obtained from the second senior brother Wang Li\’s ring, just like a mobile phone, A sudden vibration.

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