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I want pimple soup, too!

Well, yes! This is the root of Mimosa grass. It\’s called Mimosa taro. It should be specially used to dispel the Friar\’s fascination with Mimosa grass. It\’s made according to the usage. You\’ll see forgive Jane Xi\’s betrayal. She\’s still learning and selling now. She hasn\’t used this thing before. She has to pick it up from books. Don\’t know if it\’s easy to use? \”Clean it up.\” Jane Xi raised her weak arm and held the small handful of \”Mi Xian taro\” in front of Qijie letter star. Of course, Jijie Hanxing knew her condition and didn\’t carry it. After a dust purification formula, the white and clean skin of Mimian taro exuded a glittering halo. The next scene was like this: Jian Xi leaned there, sick, and a weak voice constantly came out of her small mouth, while Jijie Hanxing had already taken away his chair and sat in the center of the ground, Began to extract the magic taro according to the guidance of Jane, until the standard reached the standard that Jane wanted, and put the milky liquid into the small glass cups suspected of the Baijiu on the earth, one on the side of the table, and then the other one on the table of Jane. I don\’t know whether it was intentional or unintentional, so I sat on the collapse. Jane Xi\’s arm and collapse edge were only one foot wide. He also put Jane Xi\’s arm on her own body with his other hand, so as to pour out a larger place for him. Jane Xi stared at the cup of Minxian taro liquid. She didn\’t care at first. When the milky white liquid at the bottom of the cup sent out a charming aroma into her throat, and qijiehanxing put away the glass cup, Jane Xi sent a wind. Why is qijiehanxing so close to her? \”When did you sit here?\” after asking again, she wanted to smoke herself. What\’s the matter? Didn\’t he just sit here? How did she find out now? Jane Xi\’s IQ has no lower limit, and the number of nonsense has increased significantly. Qi Jiexing, holding a glass cup, seems to naturally feed Jane Xi to drink the magic taro liquid. His expression is still so cool, but what Jane Xi doesn\’t see is that he feels like a beating drum heart. But just put away the glass cup. I didn\’t expect that Jane Xi would ask such a sentence, which made Qi Jiexin\’s face red again. How can people answer? Under the impulse to run, he had to answer coolly, \”just now\”. Then they stared at each other Finally, someone couldn\’t stand \”I\’ll give this cup to your friend\”. After Qi Jiexing put down this sentence, he turned and ran out of the door. \”What\’s the matter with me?\” Jane breathed a sigh of relief and touched her feverish face. She didn\’t lose face when she was in love with cangjun. When she knew him, they talked a lot and didn\’t talk so much. How can she say? At that time, although I also saw that Han Xing talked very little in front of shangguanbo and others, but he was a little bit more with himself! How else would I know so much about him. Although at that time, as long as they were closer, the spiritual power in their bodies seemed to work by themselves. When they broke through, they were also formed by canals, but it was still very natural to get along, but why is it like this now? Is he the one you really like? Over the past few years, there are many excellent men who have met all kinds of men, but they have never felt like this. Only he has been in the bottom of his heart, not only has he not forgotten, but has been fresh for a long time. Did you really fall in love at first sight the last time it was just a short time? Jane Xi has been unable to agree with this statement before. She never thought that this kind of thing would happen to herself. Before she met Cang Jun, she never had a few blind dates, but none of them succeeded. Even Cang Jun knew him on a blind date, but it was really enough for her to have a blind date. She thought, that\’s it. Try it. If it doesn\’t work, it\’s too late, so the two people agreed on the second side. Cang Jun, regardless of his height or appearance, In fact, they were far from the ideal image of Yuan Caiyi at that time. She was more than one meter and seventy tall. Cangjun was almost the same as her, standing side by side. In any case, Yuan Caiyi was taller. So they got together. At that time, Yuan Caiyi always said that cangjun was the only one who let her stay for several months without annoying. Therefore, under the deliberate of her mother-in-law\’s family, they soon bought a house and got married. In this way, she really didn\’t realize the feeling of love in other people\’s mouth, such as heartbeat like a drum, missing for a day like three autumn, thinking about what day and night. Is it true that your current situation is the feeling of love? Jane Xi felt that she had lived in vain in the past few decades. It turned out that she was still an idiot in this regard! But she also understood that the other party was probably similar to herself, but her understanding of Qi Jiexin was really limited to those days of contact and his own readme, so although she didn\’t want to admit it, she had to admit that she was moved Well, the monk\’s life is so long. Let\’s try to understand him and see if he is his lover

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