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In particular, she threw up the pants of the handsome boy next door

Sure enough, it took only one day and night to fertilize the soil in the rubble area. This is only visible to the naked eye. In fact, the real role of the soil took place only after planting various kinds of spiritual fruit trees, including the medicine garden. Jane Xi also sprinkled a little bit of soil. Jane Xi collected some lingguoshu, and the other half was provided by long linger. Together, everyone has a complete variety, including several cores of Lanzhi fruit that Bai Xiaoqing invited everyone to eat. Jane Xi collected them in advance and planted them now. With Xi soil, Jane Xi believes that the stone will work. The trees on the planet are not small and strong, which is completely different from the earth where Jane Xi is located. There is less and less green on the earth and the air quality is getting worse and worse. Most of them are human factors. Of course, the unknown thing in the earth\’s core also plays a big role. On the rotating Hill star, except for some houses and the wood used by ordinary people to burn fire, few people destroy these trees. Each tree has a very long life and grows very strong. Some trees growing in places with strong aura wish they had their own aura. There are several such big trees in Jianxi\’s cave now. It seems that she really has spirit. Jianxi has never had time to explore them, but these trees have been well protected by her, cleared the weeds around her, and built a small tree house on one of them, and a swing under it. Everything is modeled on the small tree house on Xiyuan star, Do it again, more skilled and exquisite. Chapter 581 emergencies On the tenth day after Jianxi took over the cave she named Xiyuan mountain, Jianxi specially entertained long linger, her three elder martial sisters, the master, ten elder martial brothers tie Jingdong, twelve elder martial brothers Jin Aosong, and four elder martial brothers Fu De, Jiang richen, Jiang Rijia, Xing Yueling in the completed new house. In the absence of the master, Jane Xi threw herself into the air, but the 12th senior brother Jin Aosong found it through Bai Xiaoqing. He also just formed a team with others, did a small task and just came back. Fu De and the four of them were also invited. The seventh and eighth senior brothers Wang Anran and Wang ange were all in seclusion and impacted on the later stage of the integration. In this way, a small party of 11 people, Jia Jianxi, began on the newly born Xiyuan mountain. At this small party, Jane Xi really got to know several fellow senior brothers in the future. Of course, the elder martial sister has been familiar with each other for more than ten days. In addition, Miao Miao, long linger and Bai Xiaoqing are straightforward, outgoing and lively. In addition, the younger martial brother tie Jingdong has a small body and character, and there is no master, so these young people quickly get familiar with each other. Looking at Jianxi\’s beautiful new house, several other senior brothers who came in together expressed their naked envy, jealousy and hatred, and asked that Jianxi must also help them set up such an array. Jianxi had no choice but to promise. Of course, senior brothers 10 and 12 also presented their meeting gifts. Jianxi was a little better, because only these two senior brothers, They also asked to upgrade their array. Their mountain protection array is also under the old nine Fuchun\’s cloth. Jian Xi politely said whether the ninth senior brother will be unhappy. The array originally arranged by others has been upgraded by Jian Xi. Does this mean that he doesn\’t respect others. Originally, I thought it would not cause any bad consequences if I only upgraded the minor fights of several elder martial sisters in the cave. But now with the addition of these six senior brothers, it is tantamount to a total denial of the previous achievements of fuchunju\’s labor. Jane Xi began to hesitate. At the same time, she began to regret that she had nothing to do with the level 6 array. There won\’t be so many things in the whole level five. They are all happy that it\’s all done, but senior brother fuchunju will have an idea. Jane is tangled. Third Elder martial Sister Zhang Xiaolin saw Jian Xi\’s embarrassment and said gently: \”Younger martial sister, in fact, you don\’t have to be so embarrassed. We all know what kind of person he is. In addition to cultivation, he just likes the array. At that time, he will have to bother your array knowledge. He\’s not a small bellied chicken. Don\’t worry about what he will think.\”. Looking at everyone\’s eyes staring at her and the way they all nodded fiercely, as well as the confusion of Fu De, the Jiang brothers and Xing Yueling, she had no choice but to nod bitterly. Is this a rock to drop on your own feet? In the future, you really have to keep a low profile. This time, Jane Xi really realized that her disapproving skills are unusual in the eyes of others, and really realized that she has always wanted to keep a low profile. It\’s still a lot of high profile! In addition to this little depression, the other guests and hosts enjoyed it.

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