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Then he arranged work for Li Siyu, which is the real work!

The seal gap is also for himself, his family and friends, as well as the Xuantian sect, who is good for himself. If the void star beast is allowed to wreak havoc on xuanqiu star, all creatures on this planet will become the food of the star beast, but the level 5 star beast can already top the Mahayana friars. There are so many Mahayana friars, Where can these friars on the rotating mound star resist? This time, if it is not their own large array, such an unprecedented scale, I\’m afraid this planet will inevitably become a paradise for empty stars and beasts. In public and private, Jane Xi chose to be the virgin in other people\’s eyes. However, although she has selfishness, it does not mean that she likes others to comment on her like this. She is not happy, nor is Qi Jiexing. She has done so much with his wife and has been slandered by these people. \”Why? It seems that you are very dissatisfied with what Jane Xi has done?\” Qi Jiexing\’s tone is very cold and cold, and his sharp arrow looks at all the monks who have stopped. \”Why? Are you unreasonable? How powerful is the array given to you? No matter how many levels of star beasts can block out, but why are we so poor that we are washed away by star beasts so easily? How many people have died? Can you shoulder this responsibility?\” everyone was shocked when they saw Qi Jiexing\’s letter, But at the same time, looking at so many friars of various forces inside and outside, including sect leaders, elders and family chiefs, some people still felt that even the little master of the demon sect did not dare to treat himself in front of so many people, so they couldn\’t help jumping out and accusing him. Chapter 673 credit Qijiehanxing was angry and happy by such words. The corners of his lips bent and looked at the ugly fit friar with a smile. He was four or five hundred years old. Although he looked only fifty or sixty years old, he remembered this man. \”Oh? Do you all think so?\” Qi Jiexing glanced at these people coldly. These people were photographed by his eyes. Although they wanted to promise, they still didn\’t summon up the courage and had to be silent. They all calmed down. The little master of the demon sect was just remembered by him. I think it will be a big trouble in the future. As long as a few people respond to the old man and see that the clothes belong to the old man. Jane Xi doesn\’t pay attention to which clan or family this man belongs, but it\’s not a big place. At this time, can he stand up and admire his courage or sigh his recklessness. \”Well, I can answer your question for my woman.\” Qijie letter opened the aura of the star Mahayana, and the momentum of the whole body rose sharply. Everyone around suddenly felt that the pressure on their faces increased sharply. Some friars in the primipara and incarnation period knelt in the air and managed to keep themselves from falling into the sea. At this time, the early old man also trembled his legs and barely maintained his upright posture, but all his disciples with lower accomplishments have knelt down. Qi Jiexing looked at them contemptuously and said, \”how many levels of void star beasts do you think you can deal with with with your cultivation? Do you think you can persist in this battle for a few days with the strength of your sect without the protection of the big array? Your clan can barely deal with one or two star beasts. It can barely preserve most of its strength against third-order monster. But a fourth-order void star beast can destroy your whole army. Do you have any objection? \” The old man just wanted to open his mouth to refute, but he opened his mouth and closed his mouth helplessly. Man zongmen. The patriarch has the highest cultivation. Although he is a good expert in the early stage of the robbery period. But in the whole spinqiu star, it is really nothing, especially the fourth and fifth order star beasts. Such a star beast, even a super large door like xuantianzong and Emperor Shitian. Can\’t escape such a fate. Can he say that his sect can be stronger than them? Qi Jiexing doesn\’t want to give Jane Xila hatred. So hold your temper and reason with them. Seeing the expression of the old man\’s holding area, the corner of Han Xing\’s lips turned slightly, and a trace of irony flashed by. \”Without this big battle, you must not survive for half a month when you come to the battlefield. Do you have any different opinions?\” The old man\’s sweat was dripping. Half of them are caused by the Qi field of Han Xing, and the other half are really unable to refute Han Xing\’s questions. They are nervous. At the time of five or six interest, he reluctantly raised his head, his eyes full of blood, but he said with an open-minded attitude: \”however, why do we also provide her with a lot of refining materials, but only get a large array that is not too strong together with other families? Is this a different treatment?\” The old man\’s words made the disciples of other sects and families nod in secret, as if the old man had talked about their hearts.

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