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My name is Li Siyu.

\”Fang Yang, put away your things quickly! Otherwise, you will be doomed!\” looking at the things in Fang Yang\’s hands, a look of fear flashed in everyone\’s eyes. They can feel what terrible energy the turtle\’s back in Fang Yang\’s hands contains. Even the eldest elders are extremely afraid. If they were them, they would die directly! At this time, Song Ling suddenly drank, with an anxious look on her face. \”Fang Yang, do you know what you\’re doing?\” Song Ling\’s voice just fell, and the elder said calmly. He couldn\’t feel any emotional fluctuations from the elder\’s voice, but the elder\’s face was very gloomy at this time. \”I don\’t know, but I only know that this guy wants to force my friend to do what she doesn\’t want to do and hurt her. I don\’t allow this.\” Fang Yang said faintly: \”no one can hurt a hair of my friend in front of me!\” \”Fang Yang! You dare to threaten an elder of the sect of protecting the country. Do you know that? Based on this, I can report to the Hunyuan mansion and include you in the dragon and snake list!\” an elder in the crowd suddenly shouted. \”Fang Yang, you just killed the people of Huoyu County. The big mistake has been made. If you don\’t surrender quickly, maybe you will be given a lenient punishment.\” Another elder shouted. \”Fang Yang, if you insist on going on, you must die here today! This is the Shangyang palace. Don\’t think you can retreat from the Shangyang palace with a strange door and treasure in your hand. That\’s a daydream!\” A roar of anger rang out one after another. Although the turtle back in Fang Yang\’s hand was feared by everyone present, the Yang under his eyes was weak, and they slowed down in a moment. They were not afraid of Fang Yang! \”Noisy!\” Listening to the people\’s words, Fang Yang frowned and immediately shouted angrily. Then he turned around with the turtle back in his hand: \”if any of you dare to speak, try it!\” Although the people were confident, when they saw the things in Fang Yang\’s hands, everyone was a little timid. Everyone could feel the majestic power of the turtle\’s back in Fang Yang\’s hands. It was not fun. After a deep look at Fang Yang, Tang still wanted to stop talking. Tang still wanted to persuade Fang Yang to stop Fang Yang, and even Tang was ready to promise the young man to join the army But suddenly Tang still remembered Fang Yang\’s words. \”If you say that again, I\’ll break up with you!\” like a thunderclap, Tang still immediately withdrew his mind, his wrist trembled, and a blue whip appeared in her hand. At this time, Tang was still ready to fight with Fang Yang. \”I won\’t say much. Let\’s go, otherwise I believe you can see that this thing in my hand can at least kill you alone.\” Fang Yang said coldly. \”Impossible!\” \”Fang Yang, where do you become the Shangyang palace? Did you come and go?\” \”Elder, you can\’t promise him, otherwise, where will our reputation of Shangyang palace go in the future!\” a roar sounded one after another, and everyone kicked Fang Yang\’s words.

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