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There aren\’t many small gas pipes in her space. I don\’t know how long it will take to live without firewood, so if you can save it, you can save it.

Fang Yang nodded: \”that\’s very good for me and can greatly weaken the power of those people.\” Fang Yang is not afraid to fight alone, but once he meets more than a few people, it\’s still some trouble. Like Jin Fengrui, more than a dozen Jinshan sect disciples rush together, and Fang Yang is also weak. \”Find Meng Qianxue first, and then go around to find out where the core of the cave is.\” Fang Yang was determined to say. Although it was important to get this cave, Meng Qianxue was also brought in by him. After they had been together for so long, Fang Yang was not ungrateful. He walked out of the lake, and the pure Yang Xuanqi turned around his body. All his wet clothes had been dried up in a moment. Fang Yang touched his storage ring, but the jade talisman in it had not changed Hua. That means Meng Qianxue hasn\’t broken the jade symbol he gave her. It should be all right for the time being. Maybe Miss Meng wants to have a good leisure alone. Fang Yang doesn\’t worry much. He looks around and runs away to the distance. It\’s not long before Fang Yang comes to a mountain forest. He suddenly steps and looks forward Fang looked at several trees in the past. Due to his strong soul power, Fang Yang\’s perception was also amazing. He had long found a breath behind the trees. Sure enough, it wasn\’t long before he saw a man with sharp nosed monkeys coming out. He looked at Fang Yang. After entering the mysterious world, Fang Yang changed his appearance with Yi Rong, except in the empty and dark world The soul power of the martial artist, otherwise it would be impossible to find his original identity. When the man saw that Fang Yang\’s strength was only in the late stage of concentration, a fine light flashed between his eyes, and then said with a smile: \”Hey, this friend, Liu Buhui of the lower Beihai school, I don\’t know what you call him?\” Fang Yang, a member of the Beihai sect, thought that it seemed to be a second-class sect in the Hunyuan mansion. Fang Yang took his expression in his eyes and vaguely felt that the other party was unkind, but he was not afraid. He answered, \”my name is Yang Huo, a scattered man.\” \”scattered warrior?\” Liu Bubu\’s smile was even stronger, \”That\’s the best, brother Yang. Our Beihai sect found four vermilion fruits in the mountains and forests in front of us, but there is a monster guarding the periphery. We can\’t decide. How about working together?\” \”vermilion fruit?\” Fang Yang\’s mind moved. Zhu Hongguo is a good spiritual material. Even if you take it empty handed, it can greatly enhance the dark Qi in your body. It can at least be worth ten years of hard cultivation. As for refining pills, the effect will only be more effective. This spiritual material is very valuable outside. It costs at least 300000 yuan for one. This was found in the dark world just entered? And And there are still four. \”There are really a lot of good things in the xuanjie.\” Fang Yang praised. Liu was moved to see Fang Yang and smiled more gently: \”well, you seem to be moved. Let\’s go together. Don\’t worry, our Beihai sect has a great reputation. We won\’t damage our reputation for such a small matter. As long as you agree, we will distribute it reasonably at that time.\” Fang Yang raised his eyebrows and said with a smile, \”that\’s good.\”

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