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It was the first time she hit someone, and it was so serious that she was still very afraid.

A group of martial artists also nodded. So, the eleven people who watched began to be busy and in full swing. The martial artist who knows the mysterious Qi of the earth attribute is the most relaxed. The mysterious Qi moves and pulls large pieces of earth and rock aside. Even eleven martial artists in the empty and dark world spent a whole day digging up these stones. \”Look! There\’s a lot of blood. It\’s the demon\’s?\” someone exclaimed. A crowd gathered around, and sure enough, there was a pool of dried plasma on the ground. \”Sure enough, it\’s a big demon! It seems that the big demon should have been badly hurt. It\’s great!\” \”hurry and find out the big demon hidden in it. Even one can make us harvest a lot.\” \”but why haven\’t we seen Fang Yang\’s body yet?\” \”Whatever the boy does, he may have been swallowed directly by the big demon. When he finds the body of the big demon, just dig it up and have a look. If the boy hasn\’t been digested, ha ha!\” After seeing the blood of the big demon, everyone\’s enthusiasm was ignited, and they stepped up to dig the surrounding gravel one by one. As the gravel gradually decreased, the original appearance in the cave also revealed. Wang Han\’s eyebrows wrinkled up because he didn\’t see the body of the big demon and Fang Yang\’s way. What\’s the matter? Even if the boy disappeared, why aren\’t the three big demons here? Isn\’t it None of the three monsters happened to be in the cave? No, there was a roar of a big bear. While he was thinking, someone suddenly shouted, \”there\’s a cave here, it must be inside!\” Wang Han was shocked, gathered up to observe, and immediately shouted, \”dig quickly! It must be inside!\” A group of people worked harder and harder to dig out all the gravel outside, but when they were happy to see the body of the big demon, what appeared inside was a figure they couldn\’t dream of. \”You boy didn\’t die!\” Wang Han was shocked when he looked at it. He saw Fang Yang sitting cross legged in the cave, with mysterious Qi flowing around him. It was obviously a vigorous posture. How could he look like dying? When he heard the sound, Fang Yang\’s eyes slowly opened, and a flash of water blue light flashed in his eyes. The body of the lower martial artist trembled. He only felt something in Fang Yang\’s eyes With a soul stirring power, just being looked at by him, his knowledge of the sea was a shock.

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