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Don\’t you wipe your sweat?

Several people got up one after another, followed the blue light and quickly ran towards the darkness. Chapter 267 stirred up the game. Fang Yang and others followed the dragon\’s body and quickly came to the end of the long corridor. They saw that the light on the long blue shadow of tens of feet turned and shrunk rapidly, turning into a young man in a blue shirt and prostrated on his knees. Fang Yang\’s footsteps stopped Zhan Chu: \”wait!\” Several people stopped and looked one after another. When they were swept away, their expressions were also a little ugly. In front of the place where the Jiaolong avatar settled, there was a dark coffin. The coffin was huge and carved with strange patterns, showing a sense of forest oppression. Around the coffin, there were more than ten figures crawling around, and the black man Fang Yang saw earlier was there \”All the 14 people are at the level of the early Yang state.\” Zhan Chu murmured, but his cold hair stood up. Ten of them were obviously the ten warriors in the early Yang state who incarnated the corpse ghost, and the other four should be the big demons here. The 14 people worshipped the coffin, and the coffin had not been opened, but from the faint smell from above, it should not be far from waking up. \”Jiaolong! Where to go!\” at this time, Na chensi ran up with an angry look on his face. His hands moved. He didn\’t look at the crawling people over there. He directly vaporized the palm strength and roared on the Jiaolong shaped man. Bang! The strength was cracked, and the Jiaolong man didn\’t move. After receiving the palm, his body trembled, but he didn\’t suffer any trauma. \”Huh?\” CHEN Si was stunned and slowed down. Heiya and others in the back also caught up with each other. When he saw the figure of these people, Heiya\’s eyes twinkled: \”what are these things? It seems that Yin Qi is surging.\” \”all are incarnate ghosts? No wonder I didn\’t see the corpses of martial artists in chuyang territory in the coffin. They were all here.\” CHEN Si said in a deep voice. Hearing the speech, black teeth also looked surprised. He scanned carefully and nodded secretly. \”Unexpectedly, there are so many corpses of early Yang martial arts? Hum, but judging from their appearance, they are just in the stage of transformation. Their own strength has not been completely unsealed, so they are also the corpses of early Yang martial arts.\” Black teeth and eyes flashed. The people behind also caught up. When they saw this scene, they looked surprised one by one.

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