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As soon as Tao Dan heard that she lived alone, he immediately envied her. Ah, it\’s so natural and unrestrained for you to live alone. It\’s hard for our family to squeeze into one house.

\”If it comes to a critical moment, I won\’t be able to hide my identity.\” Fang Yang clenched his teeth silently. Even if his identity was exposed and used to fight, Fang Yang thought to himself that he had a lot of cards. Even if there were 60 flying dove troops here, he didn\’t have no hope of breaking open after they were lined up in a joint attack array. Because the flying dove troops around were scattered and guarded in the mountains and streams on both sides, they were relaxed one by one. Some even sat aside and began to rest. Fang Yang and Wang Wu stood In the corner, it didn\’t attract anyone\’s attention. Fang Yang glanced around and said to Wang Wu, \”after we two get to the forest, you help me guard it. I\’ll try to go in and communicate with fengwuji.\” Wang Wu nodded. Fang Yang sat under the ancient wood, closed his eyes and lay obliquely. It seemed that he was just lazy to rest. In fact, he knew the origin of the soul in the sea. The power of the soul turned into a butterfly and flew lightly. The silver white light butterfly spread its wings and floated along the rock wall into the Zhongshan stream of the mountain stream. It was dark and humid. A group of people sat scattered on the stone platform in the mountain stream, one by one Tired. Among the twelve people here, only one warrior in the early Yang realm was Feng Wuji, who was successfully promoted to the early Yang realm after swallowing the pure Yang Bodhi. Feng Wuji and Feng Xiaojiu held the pure Yang Bodhi after they returned to Feng\’s home that day, which attracted the attention of the upper class of the Feng family. They also knew that this was a rare opportunity and immediately sent several elders to protect him Feng Wuji and Feng Xiaojiu swallowed the pure Yang Bodhi and refined the pure Yang Xuanqi. Because they began to practice the cold wind Xuanqi in their bodies, they suffered a lot when swallowing the pure Yang Bodhi at first. Fortunately, with the help of elders and the help of Xuanqi, it took more than half a month for them to refine the pure Yang Bodhi without danger, but they suffered a lot during the period How miserable it was. The scream was heard clearly in the whole Fengjia residence. After the pure Yang Bodhi was successfully refined, a trace of pure Yang was derived from their bodies. With the effect of pure Yang, they practiced the first half of the pure Yang formula given by Fang Yang Then he succeeded in refining pure Yang and mysterious Qi, and his strength increased greatly! Especially Feng Wuji, who had been on the peak of the empty hell realm for a long time

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