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He felt the wound on the back of his head burning. He held back the pain but felt dizzy.

The Tianyang Fire Dance collided with Shang Wen\’an\’s body and exploded. The huge energy was scattered. Under the Tianyang fire dance that Fang Yang had accumulated for a long time, even the big sun cover on Shang Wen\’an\’s body could not resist it. It shook and then cracked. The powerful energy impacted him, and his whole body was directly lifted out. Bang Shang Wen\’an\’s body fell out of the position for twenty steps before it fell down. Although the damage caused by the explosion of Xuanqi was not very high because of the suppression of Qiulong, it was impossible to catch up with him. \”Damn it!\” Gu Kang was furious and gnashed his teeth. Seeing the victory in front of him, he was stirred up again. He really wanted to vomit blood. \”Fang Yang thief, don\’t be happy too early! Even if you can break the Qiu long suppression, once the suppression disappears, the place is normal, and we break free from the shackles, that will be your death!\” he screamed. The others all looked indignant. As long as Fang Yang can be killed here, even if he gets the Qiulong treasure first, it still belongs to them in the end! Fang Yang raised his eyebrows and lips, ignored their words, continued to stagger and walk close to the statue. Gu Kang had no choice but to watch Fang Yang approach and leave. He was annoyed to death. Finally, after staggering for a quarter of an hour, Fang Yang finally came to the statue. He looked up and could feel the grandeur of the statue. Although the statue was made of jade, it gave people a fresh feeling, as if there was a real body in front of him. In the distance, the shouts of Gu Kang had stopped. They looked at Fang Yang with bright eyes. On the one hand, they wanted to see what the so-called Qiulong treasure was. On the other hand, they waited for the suppression to disappear and killed him. Fang Yang knew what they thought, but he didn\’t flinch at all. He looked at the statue, and then the spirit moved. He scanned the statue of Qiu long in front of him. His eyes must be on the chest of Qiu long. Under the feedback of the spirit of Fang Yang, it is found that there is a dark space here. So Fang Yang reached out and gently knocked on the secret door. Then the chest of the Qiu long statue cracked, and Fang Yang looked at it. After sweeping, Fang Yang was stunned. There are two things in a dark box the size of a drawer. One is a small porcelain vase, and the other is a dry claw. Dragon claw! \”Is this the Qiulong treasure?\” Fang Yang\’s eyes twinkled, then reached out to take out the two things and shook the porcelain vase slightly. There was an unknown liquid in it. As for the other dragon\’s claw, it was shriveled, withered and ugly by the wind and sun. But even so, when Fang Yang grabbed it in his hand, he suddenly felt a sharp sense of violence. His bones trembled, and the blood splashed on his right arm, leaving countless fine marks. Unexpectedly, he couldn\’t resist the Dragon Qi attack on the withered claws. Fang Yang was frightened secretly. His physique was strong enough to resist the attack of green grain xuanbing, but now he just touched the dragon\’s claw and was eaten back. This shows how powerful the breath on this thing is. So Fang Yang didn\’t dare to hold it. He directly found a stored jade box and put the claw of Qiu long in it. With the jade box closed, it finally makes the claw of Qiulong comfortable.

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