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There was no guard at the door of the warehouse. He took out the key and opened the door. It was dark inside and couldn\’t see the situation clearly.

The Chaimu palace that Fang Yang killed earlier was only about 200 at most. Yu hongdie belongs to a small group, which is relatively free and loose. There are about 20 people in the regiment. Yu hongdie is the team leader who manages four people. The party entered the city smoothly. Although Yu hongdie is quite casual, she is very fond of Xiaoyi. Along the way, she secretly rubbed against Fang Yang and wanted to try to win over with her. It\’s just that Xiao Yi is naturally afraid of people because he has suffered all kinds of pain since he was a child. After his brother Mao San died, the only person close to him is Fang Yang. \”Do you have a place to go?\” Yu hongdie asked after entering the city. Fang Yang was stunned and just wanted to answer. But Yu hongdie glanced at him: \”You don\’t look like you have a place to settle down. You must be a poor man. The cost of the transmission array is not small. You are injured and closed in the turbulent flow of space. At most, your strength is close to chuyang, and you can\’t settle down in such a place. Well, if you don\’t mind, you can come to our regiment first and do some chores Well, at least there is a share of food and accommodation. \” She said a lot at once. Yu hongdie\’s temperament was not suitable for soliciting. After saying these words, she kept silent and was no longer willing to pull up a word. Fang Yang pulled the corners of his mouth and was very funny to see her like this. He had no doubt that if he refused, she would never invite her again with her personality. Yu hongdie looked at her right now In Xiaoyi\’s body, it was obvious that the reason why she invited Fang Yang was in Xiaoyi\’s face. Fang Yang shook his head, thought a little, and agreed: \”thank you very much. I will repay you when my strength recovers.\” \”who can use you for your low cultivation.\” Yu hongdie muttered, looking at Xiaoyi with a happy face, \”I\’ll go with my sister later. How about my sister buying you new clothes?\” hearing the new clothes, Xiaoyi\’s clear eyes obviously brightened, but she still hid behind Fang Yang\’s thigh and refused to come out. Yu hongdie was also hit hard, so she had to say first, \”let\’s go. I\’ll take you to the regiment.\” So several people went into the city. Under the leadership of Yu hongdie, they also entered a small manor. \”We\’re back!\” Yu hongdie shouted carelessly when he pushed the door in. Then he saw the door of the yard open and welcomed more than a dozen martial artists. \”Sister Yu came back. What\’s your harvest today?\”

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