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After going to work the next day, Li Siyu heard Zhang Xuewen say that the building of grain factory began to be implemented.

Ka! There are cracks in the empty place. The sea water swells and the waves splash. The crack gradually expands, and then you can see a white shadow flying out. Plop. The white shadow falls on the water surface, and the cracked space can be recovered slowly. When you look down carefully, you can see a white jade cup suspended on the sea surface. The white shadow of the jade cup Inside, three figures appeared one after another. \”Is this the ninth floor?\” Fang Yang was dressed in black-and-white martial arts and stood upright. As soon as he flew out, the spirit moved and glanced around. Under his observation, he only felt that there was strong water vapor between heaven and earth. When he looked at it, he could not see the edge of the sea under him, nor did he know that it was hundreds of feet deep. The vast sea! It was indeed a vast sea! Fang Yang felt a sense of surprise. He broke the space in Huang Mei, With the help of Li Mu\’s Baijiu body, the three people spent two days in the two layers. They came to this place through the eight layers of the shuttle. When they stayed in the dark for a long time, they saw the magnificent scene. Fang Yang was also comfortable. \”This is the vast sea. It is also the whole picture of the ninth floor. There are countless big demons living in the sea. There are also all kinds of dragon blood. It can climb the sky and cross the sea. It is very powerful.\” Fang Yang nodded when he heard the speech. Previously, when the spirit explored, he could vaguely feel many magnificent figures swimming in the vast sea. Some even felt his back cool and frightened just a little. After all, the nether passage is still the place where big demons gather. The strength of big demons here is unmatched by the outside. Huang Mei stood beside them and looked at them He looked at the sea waves under him for a moment and said, \”the island we were looking for first will be settled in three days, and then nine vortices will penetrate the sea. At that time, he will do something again.\” hearing this, Li mubai also responded. The three moved together, galloped for a while, and found an island with a small area. The three settled down, and Fang Yang also had time to ask: \”Brother Huang Mei, what exactly is the nine vortices penetrating the sea?\” this question has also been buried in Fang Yang\’s heart for a long time, but Huang Mei and Li mubai had no time to ask. At this time, they finally settled down, and Fang Yang also asked his doubts. Huang Mei heard the speech and said: \”Although you rank 100 in the Dragon list, after all, you haven\’t been around for a long time. It\’s normal to don\’t know some things. Nine vortices penetrate the sea, which is the strange scene of the Han sea once a decade.\” Fang Yang listened carefully.

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