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In fact, Shen Xian thought that this should have been said by mother Chen, but today she didn\’t come, so she had to speak by her personal servant girl.

Mu Shaohua was afraid that he would not be reconciled to death. He had recovered his good appearance, but turned into a ghost woman before he died. He couldn\’t die beautiful. When the blood devil saw this, he frowned and scolded. Unexpectedly, it was Mu Shaohua who died first. However, he didn\’t care. Originally, he united with Mu Shaohua to kill Fang Yang. At this time, since she was useless, she died. Next, it\’s the three of them! Thinking of this, the blood devil\’s eyes were grim and grinned: \”you must end up like this! Come in!\” the suction of the vortex on your head suddenly increased. Under this suction, the rich trees on the mountains were uprooted one after another and put into them. They were hanged into powder. Where the vortex shrouded, there was no grass on the ground and no earth and stone left. Gradually, Kuishan and sun rukong\’s figure also gradually approached here. As for Fang Yang, the blood vessels around him were broken, and blood arrows flew out in an instant. Seeing such a scene, Fang Yang\’s heart sank and his blood went into the vortex, which was aggravating his death, but he wanted to run the pure Yang Xuanqi to recover his wounds, but he couldn\’t move it under the strong bloody atmosphere around. This bloody vortex seems to represent endless death. No one can escape the power! Suddenly there was a loud noise. At this time, the rocks at the foot of Kui mountain suddenly collapsed, and a huge stone with him threw himself into the blood vortex. However, under the adhesion of the power of other mountains and stones, he could not absorb his own blood vortex. He simply absorbed all the loose earth and stones. Kui Shan was caught off guard. It was too late to dodge. Standing on the boulder, he went towards the blood vortex. \”Kui mountain!\” Fang Yang and sun rukong were shocked. The previous tragedy of Mu Shaohua was still vivid. If Kui mountain entered at this time, where would there be life. Spell it! When Fang Yang thought of this, he clenched his teeth and waved the nine palace sword in front of him. When the blade passed, the space was torn and the mirror sword circulated. The same suction appeared in front of us and echoed with the blood color vortex. However, although Fang Yang\’s sword was strong enough, it still didn\’t play any role under the action of such Dharma phase force. Just delayed the time when Kuishan was absorbed into it. With the disappearance of mirror sword, Kuishan\’s body was directly involved in it. Fang Yang\’s face suddenly changed and roared: \”no!\” Kui Shan\’s body had crashed into the blood vortex, and the boulder under him first burst into powder.

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