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Ling\’er, make better preparations tomorrow and go to see the Empress Dowager. he said kindly. Although the daughter\’s appearance is not good, she has great luck.

One black and one white. The power contained in the two distinct dark Qi is extremely amazing. The two dark Qi tremble with each other, and finally condense into a huge sword and cut down heavily. Boom! When the sword was cut off, the wall of the Dharma array in front of the Ming emperor trembled, and then it was directly broken. The sword momentum did not decrease, and rushed towards the Ming emperor. The emperor sneered and no longer waited to die. The dark clouds rolled around and rushed out directly. He waved his hands again and again, and the dark clouds and evil Qi of the canopy filled the air, and frequently touched Fang Yang\’s sword Qi. After the evil Qi offset, the black-and-white dragon and snake also gradually disappeared. But at this time, Fang Yang\’s body had rushed to the Emperor Ming. The blade in his hand kept attacking with the sword Qi. The chaos of yin and Yang also made him have the power to fight with the emperor of the underworld. The light is bright, and the sound of explosion and shock is continuous. Under the penetration of sword Qi, the evil Qi black clouds around the Ming emperor are rippling, but if you want to attack and hurt the Ming emperor itself, it\’s also a little worse. When the two sides fight, the whole yin-yang array is full of concussion. Seeing many fighters fighting here at the periphery, everyone was shocked. So strong, is this the most top strength fight? Ming Huang and Fang Yang, both of them are clearly not the top five of the Dragon list, but the momentum of this battle is no less than the emperor and the sword emperor over there. Fang Yang\’s swordsmanship is changeable. Under the blessing of thousands of swordsmanship, the sword light in his hand is like surging, strong and sharp. It\’s hard to imagine that so many different swordsmanship will be reflected in a person. Under Fang Yang\’s swordsmanship, the sword blades beside him seem to have spirit, and the sword light sweeps across the sky, The dark clouds and evil spirits of the Emperor Ming surrounded them. Under so many sword attacks, the arrogant Ming emperor fell into a defensive position. In such a situation, the spirits of the people watching are greatly boosted. If this continues, isn\’t it just around the corner to kill the emperor of the underworld? Spectator fan. They can only judge their strength from the momentum of the fight, but they don\’t know how much damage Fang Yang\’s chaos of yin and Yang is. So many swords were poured out in one breath. Each one was so strong that it was enough to smash mountains and rocks and cut off waterfalls. But so many powerful swords were filled with heat, but none could really hurt the Emperor himself. At this time, looking at the Ming emperor in trouble, facing Fang Yang\’s sword Qi, he didn\’t even have the power to fight back.

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