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Shen Ling heard about it and thought that emperor Cheng Yuan left the Empress Dowager\’s palace that day. She looked at herself coldly, with ice edges, which made people feel cold.

It\’s clear that he even uses the Dharma. What a powerful and overbearing situation. It\’s reasonable to say that it shouldn\’t be one-sided? Just like Hou Xiangqing who was killed by himself earlier. Why can\’t Fang Yang resist the power of a palm? \”I don\’t believe it! I must kill you!\” Jiang Tianyan was as crazy as a madman. His voice was transmitted by stones and echoed for a while. When he was angry, he didn\’t care about his own loss, and the earth attribute Xuanqi of his whole body immediately filled the extreme. \”Tianyan loose body!! you\’re the same as my method!!\” the crazy surge of Xuanqi between heaven and earth all rushed into Jiang Tianyan\’s body. On his huge mountain, all the stones emitted strong earthy yellow light. The light spread and filled into a piece. The Xuanqi wind was moving around, and he was still desperately crossing into Jiang Tianyan\’s mountain. The earthy yellow light became more and more intense, and the gray light almost compared the hot sun in the sky. \”Self explosion?\” Fang Yang was surprised when he felt that Jiang Tianyan\’s mountain area had reached the extreme and began to become extremely unstable. He didn\’t expect Jiang Tianyan to make such a decision. Chapter 706 saving qianrou FA Xiang explodes. It\’s not fun. In particular, a warrior like Jiang Tianyan who has achieved the unity of heaven and man in his own cultivation, once the Dharma phase explodes and pulls the power of heaven and earth, it is enough to blow up the range of ten miles into nothingness. Jiang Tianyan was also forced by Fang Yang. The boy has too many strange means. If he fights steadily, he can\’t be Fang Yang\’s opponent. Instead of fighting with Fang Yang bit by bit and being killed by Fang Yang, it\’s better to fight to the death. As long as the Dharma phase is detonated, even if this boy has the power of heaven, he can only die within the scope of his Dharma phase! Although this is also a great loss to yourself, the Dharma explodes and the soul is seriously damaged. I\’m afraid it will take decades of cultivation, but it\’s better than planting here. It has to be said that Jiang Tianyan is also a hero in general. Apart from anything else, just this decisive mind is not what ordinary people can have. When he made a quick decision, he did what he said and directly blessed the mysterious Qi of his whole body on the spirit. The spirit of the mountain is imbued with Xuanqi, and the light is bright. The endless Xuanqi blessing flows, as if it has reached the edge of bombing. Fang Yang\’s face is slightly heavy. Once it is burst by Jiang Tianyan\’s mountain method, it\’s no joke. He has the power to protect himself, but the rest of the martial arts will not have such means.

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