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If others were afraid that his majesty valued himself, but she who knew the original work knew that this was not the case. After all, he was ruthless in the original work, and the only woman was herself, but she was strangled in the middle and late stage.

The black eagle wanted to obstruct the evil spirit, but just as he approached the evil spirit, the evil spirit who should have dealt with all souls like a blind man suddenly stretched out his hand and grabbed the black eagle directly. Heimu and others were stunned. When the fire fan reacted that the situation was wrong, he quickly threw out a fireball. It was too late. Under the sharp claws of the evil spirit, he clearly saw that the black eagle\’s body twisted for a while, and then it was torn open in an instant. He filled the big mouth with a bolt, like a liquid, and directly swallowed the huge black soul. \”Black Hawk!!!\” black wood roared, his eyes and canthus were about to crack. Black eagle is a high-ranking person in the black soul tribe. He used to help heimu a lot as his right-hand man. Now he was so dead in front of him. Heimu only felt a whirl of heaven and earth, and almost fell to the ground. The expression of the fire fan was even more ugly: \”these evil spirits are different from the past!! they can not only devour the black soul, but also ignore the evil spirit blood left on you. They must have premeditated!!\” \”premeditated?\” hearing this word, several people saw him. Are there any bigger leaders among these evil spirits? As soon as their thought fell, a dark wind suddenly rose above their heads. At the same time, the evil spirits, who had been slaughtered everywhere like hunters, turned their heads and flew away and landed on a clearing. A thick and dark body was completely exposed in the dark wind. Just one look, the pupil of the fire fan couldn\’t help shrinking. \”What a powerful evil spirit!\” his heart trembled. He felt that there was a wave of evil spirit coming in front of him, almost swallowing him. The others also looked one after another. Several black soul people with soft legs were helped up, and dozens of eyes were locked on the body surrounded by evil spirits. It was a burly middle-aged man. Different from the evil spirits around him, his body was no longer a misty body, but did have a physical appearance. His face was cold, especially his eyes were like poisonous snakes. When he looked around, he revealed a gloomy state. Even people at the fire fan level felt pain all over his body, It seems that countless sharp blades have scraped on the body. The \”evil spirit leader\” fire fan was in doubt. Blackwood also looked pale at the figure: \”who are you?\” the middle-aged man swept his eyes, and a blood cold light appeared between his eyes, and his voice was even colder: \”black soul tribe, are you left? Laozi Black Tower! I\’m the master of evil spirits!!\” \”black tower?!\” Blackwood\’s eyes widened in an instant, The name also directly reminded him of the clues left over from the ancient books, \”you, you are the black tower that swallowed the black water and was corroded?\” \”ha ha!\” the thick laughter reverberated like dull thunder.

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