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Xian\’er was just lost for a while. After all, they went to the flower feast together. As a result, only ling\’er became a concubine. Qian saw this and immediately made a round of it.

If this continues, the two of them won\’t last long, which is completely contrary to their purpose. Against the enemy Sima Xiangshan, they don\’t want to win directly, but delay time! You can delay as long as you can. As long as Fang Yang finishes refining Lei Qilin\’s essence, everything will be easy to say. Therefore, the two of them looked at each other and saw each other\’s thoughts. Bang bang. Together, they broke out with two fists in succession and directly hit Sima Xiangshan. With all his strength, Sima Xiangshan\’s body was shocked. He was still shaken by the punch. He didn\’t rush up again in time. It seemed that there was a moment of stagnation. In this short pause, they took a step, and then stepped on the ground, as if in a relay. Under the violent twisting of their bodies, they turned and ran out. Run away? Sima Xiangshan just wanted to meet their next attack. He didn\’t guess how they acted. Therefore, when he saw that the two people suddenly turned their heads and fled from left to right, he couldn\’t help but be stunned. Are they really Dragon Kings? How could this happen?? Aren\’t all the Dragon Kings of the Longyuan Dynasty powerful and arrogant? Why did he meet such two naughty people? He didn\’t have the consciousness to be a dragon king at all. As long as he couldn\’t fight, he ran away. Damn it! \”Where are you going!!\” Sima Xiangshan woke up and roared like thunder. His speed was so fast that his eyes first focused on Zhan Lingshui. In his opinion, Zhan Lingshui is much more threatening than Wansen, and for Fang Yang, the value of Zhan Lingshui is undoubtedly higher. If you want to find Fang Yang\’s hateful boy, Zhan Lingshui is indispensable! With such an idea, he didn\’t hesitate to catch up. Looking at the three people running around, Liao Xingwen, who remained where he was, showed a strange look of bitter laughter. The whole person was sad. \”Hey, hey, are you finished? Still running! How long have you been running!\”

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