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What\’s your Highness\’s proposal? mother Qinghe asked carefully.

Zhu Youwen looked up and down, then said goodbye to the others and left. Li Siyu naturally noticed that someone was looking at her, but she didn\’t look over and walked behind Zhang Xuewen. When Zhu Youwen went out to see Lin Cheng getting on the bus and leaving, he asked the Secretary to tell him a few words. The Secretary ran to stop the car. \”Deputy factory director Lin, mayor Zhu invited you to dinner at home in the evening. Be sure to arrive.\” in a few words, the little secretary saw him nod and ran back. Zhu Youwen sat in the car and thought for a moment. He said, \”Xiao Wu, go back and inform Secretary Feng later and tell him that he doesn\’t have to come at night and don\’t say anything else.\” the secretary called Xiao Wu nodded and didn\’t ask much. Zhu Youwen was satisfied with secretary Wu\’s attitude and never said a word more about his affairs. Unlike Secretary Feng, he has become more and more presumptuous in recent years and wants to intervene in everything. He had forgotten his identity. If he hadn\’t followed him since childhood, he would have fired him. Lin Cheng couldn\’t pick up Li Siyu at night. He told Li Chengcai early to pick him up. Li Siyu doesn\’t care whether he comes or not. He\’s like a dog skin plaster all day. He can\’t let go. I don\’t know how this person hides such a sticky temperament under his high and cold appearance. Lin Cheng went to Zhu\’s house as promised. As soon as he entered the door, a girl in a dress opened the door for him. \”Brother Lin, you\’re here.\” she smiled with a dignified and reserved face. \”Yiting has a rest today?\” Lin Cheng said hello to her politely. Zhu Yiting nodded. \”I have something to do today, just in time for the public holiday. I\’ll steal a little lazy at home.\” she winked playfully. Unfortunately, Lin Cheng was blind. He didn\’t look at her when he entered the house. After listening to her, he entered the house. Lin Cheng: I\’m just polite. Why are you talking endlessly?

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