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Then pearl and other palace maids followed by Shen Ling withdrew.

She also wants to work hard, so she can only have the cheek to ask for help. What if she borrows it? Xu Weihong looked at Ma Lingling and immediately mocked: \”you want to rob people\’s work. You don\’t have enough ability. You also want to learn how people write and how they think? You have to ask for people\’s manuscripts. They are all given to you. Others don\’t live.\” Xu Weihong doesn\’t like this kind of thing. Unlike the two people who work differently, they can communicate. Ma Lingling and Li Siyu are in charge of the same work now. How can they ask for someone else\’s manuscript. Ma Lingling was ashamed of what she said and didn\’t refute it. After all, what Xu Weihong said is also true. Li Siyu doesn\’t like this kind of thing very much, but he\’s leaving soon. He can read the manuscript after reading it. Anyway, it has been published. In order to show that he was not so stingy, Li Siyu took several manuscripts published in the mine to her. Anyway, you can\’t copy, and there will be a shadow of her writing. If Ma Lingling doesn\’t study by herself, her future manuscripts will be no different from those of Li Siyu, and others can see it at a glance. \”See for yourself. I can only give you these copies.\” she handed the manuscript to Ma Lingling to see if she could come out. Ma Lingling saw that she could lend her manuscript when she heard Xu Weihong say so. She was immediately moved. \”Thank you, director Li.\” she took the manuscript, bowed her head and returned to her position. Xu Weihong looked at Li Siyu in disbelief. \”You will work in the same nature in the future, so give it to her? She wants to rob you of your work.\” she really can\’t understand Li Siyu\’s practice. There is no such fool who gives the manuscript to someone who can threaten your work. Li Siyu is not a fool. Ma Lingling\’s ability is really not enough to fear. Writing is worse than primary school students\’ composition. How to write a good manuscript? At least one year to be able to practice a general level, or to seriously study the results. \”You don\’t have to worry about it.\” Li Siyu replied faintly. Xu Weihong is also the owner who doesn\’t mind watching the excitement. Why listen to her provocation? How comfortable it is to work honestly for the last few days and then jump into the municipal administration. Seeing her disapproval, Xu Weihong scolded a fool in her heart and ignored her. Li Siyu: Oh, Ho, thank you for ignoring me. Sun Xiufen looked at it for a long time. She also thought Li Siyu was a fool and went to help Ma Lingling.

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