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Hum, Empress Dowager Yang snorted coldly, what\’s wrong there? If I didn\’t come back and put the affairs in the Palace back, I don\’t know when it would be messy. she was angry when she thought that zhao\’er ordered someone to take care of the palace just after she returned to the Palace.

Li Siyu looked at Xu Weinan, who was killed, and his eyes looked at her again. It was very good. He really deserved to be beaten. But she can\’t do anything now. She can only do it when she\’s alone. Don\’t blame her. When Xu Weinan wanted to discredit her, he didn\’t think about her consequences. Anyway, she doesn\’t hit people. The key is that she\’s afraid of fighting. However, she doesn\’t know Taekwondo or anything. Fighting like a shrew will only lose 800 enemies and 1000 themselves. Therefore, it\’s best to let her have a long memory. Lin Cheng looked at it along Li Siyu\’s eyes. It was good and died again. This time, we must clean up this Xu Weinan and let her annoy her little daughter-in-law all day. Xu Weinan:??? Li Siyu didn\’t know that his revenge plan was about to die, and there was no room for it. After work, when Li Siyu was walking home, she was stopped again. She didn\’t think she had been stopped for several days, did she? Looking at Feng Suyuan in front of him, Li Siyu sighed helplessly. What\’s the use of coming to her about you and Lincheng? Even if Lin Cheng is separated from himself, he won\’t be with her. It\’s really sad. Feng Suyuan looked at her pitiful eyes and didn\’t know what to say. \”Why are you looking at me like this?\” Li Siyu shook her head and glanced at her. \”If you have something to say, go away.\” her tone was indifferent, but her words were very heartbreaking. At the very least, it pierced Feng Suyuan\’s heart. What do you mean nothing? Go away. Feng Suyuan knew that Li Siyu was good at irritating people. She held back her emotions and said, \”did my brother find you?\” \”who is your brother? Do I know you very well?\” Li Siyu looked at her coldly. Do you have nothing to do with your brothers and sisters? She always blocked her from playing. Feng Suyuan still endured. She knew that Li Siyu liked to be angry. \”Did you find someone to beat my brother?\” Feng Suyuan asked word by word, looking at her. After guessing with Feng Zhijie for two days, she felt that she had not offended anyone, at least not in Baicheng. The only one is Li Siyu. Feng Zhijie has been looking for her recently. Feng Suyuan heard his guess and directly ran over to question, regardless of Feng Zhijie calling her behind.

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