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This time, after seeing off mammy Chen, Shen Xian followed Shen Ling to her boudoir. Seeing that the room had changed a lot, the cabinet and dressing table were full of jewelry, green kiln antiques, lotus twigs, gold silk jade bracelets and glass hairpins, which could be comparable to her all her life.

Keep the good ones for yourself and sell the defective ones later. Lin Cheng didn\’t say anything. He nodded and ate with him. He didn\’t come after work in the evening. He went straight to someone to send his things to the warehouse on the black market. \”This car can\’t hold it?\” Wang Tiesheng looked at 50 bags of white flour and wondered where he had so much food. Lin Cheng was also surprised. He thought Li Siyu had prepared only a cart of things. Who knows so much. \”Pack it.\” Lin Cheng ordered expressionless. He couldn\’t let the two people find it. He was also surprised. What if they find out? It was already more than eight o\’clock to send things to the black market. Lin Cheng was afraid that Li Siyu would fall asleep and didn\’t bother her. Li Siyu continued to work in the space, ready to go again before school, and then fell down. If you go there twice during the holidays, the Soviet affairs will be over. After two years, the wind was tight, and she didn\’t go out much. She worked honestly at home and then studied. When the wind changed, she tried to go up and develop well in Baicheng. However, it is difficult to say in the next few years. We can only take one step at a time. Moreover, she wants to try to move to the lower grass-roots level and come back after a few years. The ups and downs in small places can be better, and large places bear the brunt. It\’s really dangerous. Now there is more than a year left. She still wants to study hard. When a large number of students jump the queue, she will come back to work. In the next few days, Lincheng always came with food, and Li Siyu didn\’t have a chance to eat the food in the space. That day, Li Siyu was going to see Director Tang of the winery to see how the winery was progressing. She was carrying something to go out when Lincheng came. \”What are you doing?\” he looked at Li Siyu carrying a small gift box and a bag. He was going out.

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