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kill!The two clans collided together and killed them into a ball.Everywhere is the impact of magical skills and power. In this melee of more than one million, personal strength is not very important, unless it has strong power.Chaos!The city of God is already in chaos, and people die with every breath.At this time!A strange and powerful man attacked Ling Zhantian and Shanghai. This man was three feet tall, with six star patterns on his slightly handsome face, and his skin was glued to the strange armor, as if it had grown out of his body. The horrible astral power blooming with cold and heart-pounding horror, as these powers tremble, the earth is covered with a layer of silver.Even though he was protected by Lingzhantian\’s power, Shanghai still felt this extremely terrifying power. If it weren\’t for the protection of Grandpa\’s power, he might be killed on the spot if the silver brilliance on the earth shook.Haoer, let\’s go! Ling Zhantian\’s face was solemn, ignoring the black blood wiping the corners of his mouth.Grandpa, then you… Shanghai gritted his teeth.Don\’t worry about me, you go first, I\’ll come later… Ling Zhantian said solemnly. Then with a wave of his hand, he stripped a part of his own power of reincarnation, hit Shanghai, and then turned back and stared at the strange power on the opposite side, his eyes full of dignity and vigilance, although the opponent’s power is strange, he can feel it. The strength of this person is not below him.Fighting against a world-famous figure at the first world honor level is definitely not something that the Shanghai district ruling king level can withstand, even the aftermath can shake it to death.grandfather……Shanghai murmured, gritted his teeth, and urged Tianyu\’s step with all his strength. He also knew that he couldn\’t get in a fight at this level. If he continued to stay here, not only would he not be able to help Lingzhantian, he might even become drag.If he was caught by the opponent, then Grandpa might be even more difficult to shoot.Live well… Ling Zhantian\’s voice sounded in Shanghai Shihai.Hearing these words, Shanghai trembled all over, took a deep look at Ling Zhantian, and finally turned back and fled. At this moment, he was holding a breath in his heart, and secretly vowed that he must quickly improve his strength, otherwise I can\’t even help with such things.As for Ling Zhantian, Shanghai\’s heart is full of worry, but he knows that with the strength of Grandpa I, World Honored One, he should be able to protect himself. It is the injury that makes him extremely worried…The strange and powerful man glanced at Shanghai, his eyes lit up, and suddenly he muttered a few weird curses in his mouth. Then his chest armor split and turned into seven pieces. At the moment of landing, the stars rolled. In a flash, it turned into seven five men and two women wearing the same armor.Father (Hao Xingjie language). The seven people excitedly shouted to the strange powerhouse.

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