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It\’s normal for you not to know it. I\’m afraid it\’s only me and your father. Since you want to know, it doesn\’t matter if you tell you. At the Hundred Clan Conference in the past, your father competed with my father for the first place, and your father used despicable The method caused my father to win the first place in the end, but it hurt his vitality. From then on, the realm could not go further…

Shanghai quickly reduced its breath and looked into the distance with a solemn face.These eight powerhouses should be eight-star powerhouses… Shanghai guessed in his heart. From Greed Wolf, he has learned the level of powerhouses in the vast star realm. They are different from the realm of Zhonghuang. For classification, the strength of the eight-star power is equivalent to the strength of the Second World Zun.Eight eight-star powerful stars in the Star Realm attacked Nine Flame Suzaku. What do they want to do? Do you want to kill Suzaku and absorb its blood to improve yourself?Shanghai stared into the distance.Eight powerful star-ranked masters shot from all directions, pressing the Nine Flame Suzaku in the starlight beam, and the beam of light that broke through the sky was slowly twisted and connected to each other, like a cage, trapping the Nine Flame Suzaku. In it.As if feeling the crisis, the mark on the Nine Flame Suzaku became stronger and stronger, and the flames burned more and more fiercely, even the starlight beam inside was burnt up.boom……The eight eight-star powerhouses hurriedly took action, standing in their respective corners, pressing on the astral beams of light, a wave of vast star power was drawn down, and most of the astral beams that had been burnt down, slowly recovered.They are not killing the Nine Flame Suzaku… but besieging it. What are these people trying to do? Shanghai was full of doubts, and at the same time subconsciously flipping through the rest of the memory of Greedy Wolf, he just wanted to know the famine at the time. The situation, the rest of the memory did not watch too much.It\’s okay not to look at it. Under this look, Shanghai couldn\’t help taking a deep breath.Only more than 400,000 people from the strong star realm came, and there was no increase in the follow-up. After five years of battle, half of it has been lost. Although it is still in the upper hand, it is not easy to completely wipe out all the forces in the middle famine. , And the loss will be even greater.And since four years ago, the strong stars in the star realm began to cultivate a group of strong people in the middle of the wilderness. In addition, they set their sights on the desolate beasts and began to catch them.Catch the wild beasts…Are they planning to domesticate and control a group of powerful wild beasts and form an army of wild beasts to attack the neutral forces… Shanghai\’s expression changed slightly.If you say which force is the strongest in the middle famine?That is undoubtedly the ancient gods, but this is because the ancient gods are united with each other, and the truly potentially terrifying forces are actually wild beasts.There are countless desolate beasts in Zhonghuang. If it is not for the fact that there are too many groups of desolate beasts and it is difficult to unify, I am afraid that Zhonghuang has already been dominated by the desolate beasts.The strong star realm intends to borrow the power of the desolate beast. This is not a good thing. From the memory of the wolf, the strong star realm controls a unique ability to control the beast. This ability is extremely effective on the desolate beast. Great, so far, there are already a million wild beasts of varying strengths under their control.Millions of wild beasts…Even if the strength is only at the king\’s level, the combined strength is extremely terrifying.Shanghai looked at the gradually suppressed Nine Flame Suzaku. Obviously, this Nine Flame Suzaku could no longer resist. It would be a matter of time before he was caught alive. Unfortunately, he couldn\’t stop it. Even if he was strong enough, he went up to face eight people. The eight-star powerhouse also has a dead end.

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