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The speed in Shanghai is getting faster and faster. Every step on the ground can make the ground shake slightly, which shows how hard the step is.

Boom…The tall and powerful star realm powerhouse bowed his head and completely lost his life.The evil spirit who was fighting against the Saint Armor Xuanwu beast turned his head abruptly, and the moment he saw the corpse, his whole body suddenly stiffened.son……The evil spirit trembled all over. This mighty star realm powerhouse was his only heir. He always took him by his side, and would help out every time he was in danger. This time he didn’t, because the opponent was just a little guy who respected the king’s peak. The strength of his son is enough to kill such small things.But who could have expected that his extremely respectful son was killed by the opponent in an instant, which is even more uncomfortable than cutting his heart.I want you to die! The evil spirit was furious and was about to kill.Bang!The Holy Armor Basalt Beast took the opportunity to sweep out with its tail, and the tail shot to the extreme fell down. Even the extremely angry evil spirits could not retract their footsteps to resist, and then became entangled again. It immediately flicked its hand, a terrifying force. Boom to out……Shanghai\’s figure flickered, avoiding directly.So fast…The evil spirit was secretly frightened, and he suddenly realized that he couldn\’t hurt Shanghai, which was extremely fast, with a shot.Ignoring the evil spirits, Shanghai turned his attention to the next person.Dare you… Xing An issued a cold warning.Do you think I dare?Shanghai is gone!An extremely fast blood-colored rainbow appeared in the void, this speed actually distorted the space, and the speed reached a hundred times as terrible.Although the strong star realm has already been warned by the sound transmission and has already taken refuge, but his speed is still a bit slower, the blood-colored spear directly penetrated the star armor, and blasted the strong star realm. killed.I will kill you, I will… Xingdan was unrevealed, but he was entangled by powerful barren beasts and couldn\’t get out, so he could only leave this ruthless word.

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